The league is targeted for participants in Utah county. However, people outside of this region are welcome to join! The main goal of the league is to introduce new players to Warhammer 40k, meet new people to play with, make progress on building your armies, and overall, have fun. How The League Works Each player will be expected to play at least one game every two weeks.

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We also look forward to establishing a friendly player base that encourages, and embraces our community feel. Bringing us together once a month for 6 months in total. Free play will still be encouraged on weekends, but one Sunday a month will be reserved for league play. This makes it easier for people to build, paint, and prepare for other games. Extracurricular games may be freely played, and encouraged, outside of league weekends. Players are restricted to one codex for league participation.

The points limit during each week is the minimum points limit for games to be played at, and it is expected that Escalation League Participants have a force of this size available for games. However, you may, with your opponents consent play larger point games, but are limited to no more then a 10 point overage. There will be special rules added to each game closer to the time of play.

You must field at least one HQ and one troop choice. You are not required to field any mandatory choice per your codex rules. No models in your army may have more than 2 wounds with the exception of HQ choices, troop choices, and swarms. No flying units may be used. Scoring: All scores must be recorded and verified by an employee. Designers Note — If you wish to build custom themed terrain, you are perfectly capable of doing so.

Note to existing players — The goal is to add to collections, build a strong casual player base. Bad sportsmanship will be judged harshly, and good sportsmanship will be rewarded. Forgeworld: Forgeworld models and units may be fielded any time during the escalation league games. It is recommended that the actual forgeworld model be fielded if possible. However, a sufficient conversion may be used in lieu of the actual model. The conversion must match the Forgeworld model as much as possible for example, a Land Raider Achilles must be built on a Land Raider, must have a thunderfire cannon mounted on the front, and must have MM sponsons on the sides.

A dreadnought drop pod must be bigger than a standard drop pod and have sufficiently larger doors. For all Forgeworld Characters, you must field the appropriate specific codex in order to field it. However, the rules for models found in Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition will always take precedent to models found in older books.

Rules precedent will be as follows: Rules found on the website, with the exception of an item found in an FAQ of an older book. An item listed in an newer book always takes precedence over an older book. This is an army that is well painted, or just plain cool, etc. This is an army that was structured around a piece of fluff, or has a particularly cool theme. In case of a tie, the player that used his escalation character the most during the course of the escalation league wins.

Best Painted: The player with the highest painting score during the tournament, and the most best painted votes wins. Tournament Winner: The player to win the most games during the course of the tournament and have the most objectives gained during the course of the tournament wins. Sportsmanship Award: At the end of the league judges will determine who had the most sportsmanlike conduct throughout the event.

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40K Escalation League

How Did This Happen? An emergency staff meeting was called to rectify the situation. Finally, the lead designer hesitantly stepped forward and asked, "Sir, we should make what, exactly, bigger? The game was never designed to accommodate such large forces And so it was that amid much feasting and sacrifices to their dark gods , Games Workshop laid the foundations for what would become Apocalypse. No but really Apocalypse is basically the result of people already owning a metric fuck ton of models and who started thinking that maybe there was more in life than that.


About The League

Notice: Tactical Escalation is a free update that is automatically included in Warhammer 40, Eternal Crusade on Steam Downloadable Content This content requires the base game Warhammer 40, Eternal Crusade on Steam in order to play. It installs automatically when a new update launches. This series is from November and out February, featuring a total of 23 updates. Faction progress, and Direct Match Preview and Selection. Guild Mode, and Dueling Mode in Garrison. All maps frequently updated and improved.


CCT Warhammer 40K Escalation League Rules 2016

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