On the one hand the Polish temperament was more disposed towards attack than defence. It is fair to assume that the mind of the Polish soldier was still coloured, at least subconsciously, by romantic notions from bygone days. On the other hand the newly founded Polish Army was French-taught. This plan was rejected by the German High Command OKH , [6] but Manstein brought it to the personal attention of Hitler, who enthusiastically adopted it as his own plan. Operation Order Yellow according to Manstein was — after it had conducted — "one of the most brilliant campaigns in German history". Operation Sea Lion Edit After the collapse of France in June , Hitler had hoped that Britain would make peace, [9] but when he became disappointed that the British refused to negotiate any cease fire, he began to make preparations for a cross-channel invasion.

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Claims[ edit ] In the book, Manstein presented his own experiences, ideas and decisions as they appeared to him during the s and s. He wrote not as a historical investigator but as one who played an active part in the story he was relating.

On the one hand the Polish temperament was more disposed towards attack than defence On the other hand the newly founded Polish Army was French-taught". He also wrote that Hitler had halted the attack prematurely, a decision he called "tantamount to throwing away a victory". Davies , that aspect of Verlorene Siege was self-serving, as it allowed Manstein to ignore several occasions, such as the fall of Kiev in November , in which he was deceived and defeated by the Stavka.

Manstein took the credit for German victories and blamed Hitler and his fellow generals for every defeat. The general falsely claimed that he wanted the 6th Army to be pulled out of Stalingrad after it was encircled, only to be overruled by Hitler, and attacked Hitler for launching Operation Citadel, a plan developed by Manstein himself for execution months earlier, before the buildup of Soviet defenses. Davies noted that nowhere in his memoirs or other post-war writings did Manstein explicitly condemn National Socialism.

Citino found its operational details useful, but criticized Manstein for "defending his generalship and reputation, hiding his participation in war crimes, and blaming others for everything that went wrong": [15] Citino wrote, "Lost Victories should come with a warning label: Use with Caution.


Verlorene Siege

Armee in Stalingrad wurde Manstein jedoch am November zum Oberbefehlshaber der neugebildeten Heeresgruppe Don ernannt. Panzerarmee unter Generaloberst Hermann Hoth. Damit war das Schicksal der 6. Armee besiegelt.


Manstein: Hitlers genialer Stratege und williger Vollstrecker

Sixteen relatives on each side of his family were military officers, many of whom rose to the rank of general. He was promoted to lieutenant in January and in October began the three-year officer training programme at the Prussian War Academy. However, Manstein only completed the first year of the programme, as when the First World War began in August all students of the Academy were ordered to report for active service. At the beginning of the war he was promoted to lieutenant and participated in the invasion of Belgium with the 2nd Guard Reserve Infantry Regiment.


Erich von Manstein




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