This keyboard is great if the keyboard keys are labele of English. You have to learn the layout if you want to use this layout. However, if you use an want to use my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout instead. These keyboard layouts work with an The synthesis of the keyboard layout and Unicode fonts makes typing in Gujarati far more easie The challenge one faces typing in Gujarati is the variety of conjuncts that can be formed consonants.

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Step 1 - Install Gujarati or Hindi Language Support in Windows The first step to typing with Unicode fonts is to install Gujarati language support, which is explained in the Installation page. Visit this page if you do not know how to install Gujarati or Hindi language support in Windows-based systems. If you changed the default toggle keys, then use those keys you defined. Note that if you have two applications running, such as Firefox and Notepad, switching the input language for the first application will not switch it for the second.

Hence, you can type Gujarati in Firefox search box and continue typing English in Notepad. You have to switch the input language for each application individually.

If you primarily want to use Gujarat, then you will have to change the default input language to Gujarati. You need to have completed Step 1 first. Right-click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, then select Language Bar.

That Window must be active. Click on GU Gujarati India. This gives you the option to switch Keyboard layouts for that language, as shown below. I have the default keyboard called Gujarati and my Gujarati Phonetic layouts enabled. I can choose between the two. Below, you can see Notepad2 is active. The language icon in the taskbar shows GU because Gujarati is enable for that program.

Programs such as Microsoft Office automatically recognize Unicode input. However, for text editors like Notepad2, you may have to enable Unicode character set. You can see in the Notepad2 window at the bottom, UTF-8 is the selected character set. Please note that the keyboard layout you use makes a difference in which keys are used to type certain characters.

If you use the default Gujarati keyboard layout supplied with Windows, then please refer to the keyboard map found here. If you use my Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout , please refer to the keyboard map found here. On the next page, we will learn how to type regular consonants and conjuncts with the Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout.


Gujrati Shruti Free Font

The one that is pronounced first will be typed first. For complex conjuncts, we follow the same rule. This is the sequence for all punctuations. The base is always typed first, then the accents. Usually, we see no more than 2 true punctuations, excluding the reph.


Shruti Font - Gujarati Typing


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