Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. She attended a French school in the UK and grew up bilingual. However, she hated school and would sit at the back of the class and write stories, which she got away with because her teachers thought she was taking notes. This still remains her favourite writing position, which is why she now writes in a reclining chair with a cordless keyboard!

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Start your review of Forbidden Write a review Shelves: reviewedstars , firstreads , reviewed , about-sibling-bonding-or-rivalry , genre-ya-contemporary , about-slow-burn-romance , content-sexual-situations , content-language , my-top-ya-contemporary So Raise your hand. No one? Are you sure?! Or maybe you still would This book involves incest. It is a graphic depiction of a brother and sister who struggle with their personal lives as a result of Disappearing Parent Syndrome.

They begin to fall for and explore each other, physically and emotionally. There is actually a condition called "genetic sexual attraction" that can lead to relatives most commonly, those who meet as adults to be sexually attracted to each other and may possibly be a result of attraction to similar facial structure. You might know a famous almost-couple who may or may not have suffered from this condition I say I shall fancy a bit of the rumpy pumpy with that lass.

As long as there are relatives, there will be incest. Unless humans soon evolve into a Vulcan-like race that suppress their emotions and always base their decisions upon logic. Which sounds most illogical. Second: If everyone participated in it - the human race would quickly devolve and be lost into genetic disorder. Forbidden is the very definition of sexual tension. Teens have raging hormones. I know I did. I would have in NO way been able to handle this book as a young teen. I already wanted to do all kinds of naughty things without having an influence like this in my life, and I know that if I had read it before I had matured hormonally - I would have rushed out and tried to seduce the first "off limits" guy I could find.

And I could have done a lot of damage to myself and other people. I was not emotionally mature enough to handle this book then and many young girls will be in the same situation that I was.

It is difficult to say for sure how or to whom this book should be marketed. I am in no way an advocate of censorship, but honestly some teens are just NOT ready for the material in this book.

This book deals with things that not every teen needs to or would want to read about. Teens need to decide whether they are really interested and prepared for this book; they may even need help making their decision. Obviously, if a teen wants to read about certain issues, they will probably find a way. But I am an adult. Not to mention an only child. Sometimes discouraging teens from doing something can lead to more curiosity on their part.

But you could always use reverse psychology. If you have a sibling close to your own age and never want to think of them as anything other than a sibling, maybe you should avoid this book.

What I got out of this book: I liked the book and story, apart from almost all of the characters being absolute douches most of the time, particularly the mother.

That sex is bad and bad things happen because of it? Judgement not only hurts those it is directed toward, it can also hurt those doing the directing. Intolerance is just fear in disguise. And you know what that means. Fear leads to anger Anger leads to hate Hate leads to suffering.

No one is taking advantage of anyone else in this book. It is just an anomaly of love. Or an anomaly of lust. Sadly, it is all too common an occurrence.

Disappearing fathers, mothers chasing their youth and social lives instead of their children, and the kids, left to pick up the pieces of their broken family. Not quite as awkward as a biological brother, but still pretty damn awkward. Then, of course, there is the possibility that my latent desires had nothing to do with the step-brother and everything to do with being in public.

Yeah, that sounds much better


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