We understand many of you have successfully completed " Minna no Nihono Shokyuu and Chuukyuu I " and have been waiting patiently for this "Chuukyuu II" to become available. The text covers a whole spectrum of lessons, from reading and writing lessons to essential grammar and of course listening and speaking. This "Chuukyuu II" is for upper-intermediate learners. There are 12 lessons, and each contains the following: -Grammatical points and exercises -Reading and Writing -Drills and Practice In the Reading and Writing sections utilize many types of reading material, including newspaper articles, essays, novels, and letters of request.

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Scroll down to see the table The Comparison Table The following table is not exhaustive, but it does arguably include the most popular and highest rated textbooks. There is definitely enough variety here for you to find a textbook or resource that you would like.

The most popular beginner textbook is Genki. This is a work in progress. Please add to the wiki yourself if you own the book. Please add prices if you can find them. Try not to put in your own opinions unless you think they are relatively factual and helpful to others. I put a link to a sample of the textbook if I could find one. Google Books, Amazon. I made a template for each row that you can copy if you want to add another book to the table.

To see the template, go into Edit mode and look below this line. If you can find the introduction to the textbook the samples provided below often have it, or amazon. You can also tell if the book has an appendix and how much work you will have to do to finish each chapter are you going to have to look up the English definitions of the words yourself? Do you care? Smaller details like this may be important to you.

Most of these books assume you already know the Japanese kana hiragana and katakana writing systems. Some of them, however, at least show you the general stroke order in a table. None of them are perfect though.

So choose one that you think will suit you best, stick with it until you finish, then move onto the next level. Have fun learning! Because of this, some popular textbooks are not in the table. Here is a list of some books that are not included and why. Nakama - not rated highly on Amazon, seems better suited to classroom use with a good teacher, but it may still be a good fit for some people.

Japanese the Spoken Language - This used to be a very popular textbook series and it does have some good merits, but there are better books out there now. If you want lots of detail on grammar, this series might be good for you. Uses lots of romaji unfortunately since it focuses on speaking first. Hiyaku: An Intermediate Japanese Course - a new textbook. Here is the companion website. Japanese the Manga Way - an excellent book that teaches you grammar in a fun way.

Japanese from Zero - a good book series that teaches Japanese at an easy-to-learn slow-pace for absolute beginners. Japanese Demystified - a nice self-study book to learn basic Japanese and it is inexpensive. More of a study-guide and supplement to a meatier textbook. Human Japanese - software for the PC, Mac, and smart phones to learn the kana, basic Japanese grammar, and vocab.





Textbooks & Grammar



みんなの日本語中級 II 本冊



PDF - Nihongo Chukyu J501


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