One of the keys to good health is to become aware of the emotional energies that reside in the organs, and to transform the negative emotional energies into positive virtues. Taoists believe that we are all born with the virtues of love, gentleness, kindness, respect, honesty, fairness, justice, and righteousness. Figure 1. The positive virtues. Unfortunately, as we mature and encounter more stress in our daily lives, negative emotions such as fear, anger, cruelty, impatience, worry, sadness, and grief often predominate.

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What are the three major external forces of energy? What is the sequence of events in the twenty-minute sitting meditation for home practice. Then activate the Microcosmic Process through the breath-holding technique, circulate energy through the Cosmic Orbit, and connect with the external forces.

What are the three different techniques of opening the Microcosmic Orbit? The mind and the eyes are used to spiral Chi at each energy center, and connections are mentally established between them.

Both hands are used to help guide the energy. The right hand gives energy and the left hand receives energy. The breath is not held in this technique. The mind and the eyes are used to spiral Chi at each energy center, drawing the energy to each successive point along the Functional and Governor Channels. The mind and the eyes are used to spiral Chi as short breaths of air are sipped in through the nose to help draw the energy to each successive center. Each breath is sipped in succession without exhalation until release becomes necessary before any discomfort occurs.

What is the importance of the navel? It is the where the original Jing energy is stored, which is actually located behind the navel and in front of the kidneys. It is also where we transform all forms of energy. Contract the perineum, anus, and back of the anus in succession, then tilt the sacrum, and exhale down to the ground.

How do you activate the Cosmic Force? You can use smiling energy. Rub the mid-eyebrow, spiral, and slowly breathe the Cosmic Force in through the mid-eyebrow and the nose. Hold each breath for a while. What does the Cosmic Force feel like? It can feel like a strong, determined force in the mid-eyebrow.

You can also feel a heaviness or numbness or see a golden color. How do you activate the Universal Force? Be aware of the crown, and mentally create a tube or pipe that extends from the crown out into space. Maintain this image until you see light coming to you. Picture the North Star and the Big Dipper pattern emanating violet and red light respectively which you will absorb through the crown.

Breathe their light into the crown and the pineal gland, and feel it enter the nose and the body. What does the Universal Force feel like? It can be warm, violet and red in color, and loving. You can feel a heaviness on the top of the head, a numbness or tingling, and sometimes a pain in the crown. How do we help connect the Microcosmic Orbit? By pressing and relaxing the tongue against the palate without disconnecting it. Do this for nine, eighteen, or 36 times.

Then rest, and feel the energy flow down. What does it feel like when you complete the Microcosmic Orbit? Some may feel a tingling, a flow of electricity, or a numbness. Some may experience cold, a sense of release, or a sensation like an electric shock.

Some see color, perhaps blue, flowing down the Functional Channel. Some hear a frequency that they can bring to the tongue and then circulate in the Microcosmic Orbit. What is the importance of saliva to the Taoist practices? Saliva is considered to be the interaction of the Heavenly and Earthly Forces.

What is the importance of the coccyx? How are animals and humans different energetically? Animals channel the Heavenly Force through the tail. Humans channel two forces at one time: The first is the Heavenly Force, which is drawn through the crown; the second is the Earthly Force, which is drawn through the perineum. What is the Taoist belief about why humans were created in the beginning? What is the Taoist belief about the uniqueness of the combination of the Earth and the Moon?

The Taoists believe that the Earth and Moon have a very strong density and magnetism. This unique combination is rare and only occurs one time in a billion. With this combination, the Earth draws the essences of all the stars and planets in our galaxy along with the cosmic particles. What do the Taoists believe that humans consist of? The Taoists believe that humans consist of the essences of all the star energies that create the soul and spirit.

The Cosmic Particle Force builds and sustains the flesh and organs, and the Earth Force maintains the electromagnetic flow in the cells. The Taoists believe that the North Star is the head of this galaxy and that all the stars in this galaxy are affected by it, as are humans and other living things. The North Star is the gate of Heaven and the protector of our higher selves.

The Big Dipper controls the seasons that are the major source of energy for living things and humans to grow. The Taoists believe that we must pass through the North Star to get to Heaven.

What is the color of the rays of the North Star and the Big Dipper? The North Star emanates a violet light of a high frequency that activates all our bodily cells. The Big Dipper ray emanates a red light of a lower frequency that helps to harmonize the effect of the violet rays upon the body. Its orbit is maintained by the Sun and North Star pulling the Earth from opposite directions: the Sun pulls the Earth inward, and the North Star pulls it outward.

The Earth spins under its own influence. Where does the heart of the human and all living things tilt to? Taoists believe the human heart is tilted 45 degrees toward the North Star. Post navigation.


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