Kedua orang tuanya berdarah ningrat. Ayahnya bernama Raden Wirakusumah seorang pedagang dari Purwakarta. Dia didaulat sebagai bapak komik Indonesia karena memelopori penerbitan komik dalam bentuk buku, dan menjadi tonggak pertumbuhan komik Indonesia. Karya-karyanya merupakan monumen yang bisa mendefinisikan identitas komik Indonesia dengan jelas. Ketertarikannya dengan dunia komik berawal sejak kecil.

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He is the youngest of seven siblings. Raden Wiradikusuma, his father was a merchant from Purwakarta and Sumarni while his mother came from Bogor. His love of the comic has been nurtured since the first grade Inlands School elementary level in Bogor. Kosasih first known comics from the newspapers used wrapping paper grocery mother. Formerly he was fond of Tarzan comic strip, though the story did not read sequentially.

Another of his hobby is watching movies in theaters and puppet show performances that lasted all night. He learned from the many to imitate the pictures from illustrated books Dutch language lessons. After graduating from HIS, Kosasih getting crazy about drawing lessons and watch a puppet show performances. In addition to drawing, Kosasih also liked learning to play musical instruments like sitar and flute is always used in a puppet show performances.

It seems that after graduating from HIS with good grades Kosasih more enthusiasm the world of art, especially the art of drawing though in fact he could continue his studies to become pamong praja. In the Ministry of Agriculture, located in Bogor Botanical Gardens looking for employees who can draw animals and plants to illustrate the books that will be issued.

Kosasih apply while carrying his drawings and then accepted. In addition to drawing animals and plants, Kosasih also drew a variety of insects seen through a microscope. But at this time preoccupation Kosasih find themselves with a lot of reading comics former, one of Flash Gordon comic.

Since most read comics that Kosasih also started making his own comics simply shared them out to neighborhood kids In a newspaper published in Bandung, Pedoman contain advertisements seeking illustrator. Kosasih who still works at the Bogor Botanical Gardens apply to Melodi publishers who advertise. Kosasih accepted and began his debut to become a professional comic artists to create comic-influenced American superhero, Wonder Woman, named Sri Asih. His salary is big enough at that time that is equal Rp.

At that time Melodi publishing wanted to publish comics that mimics American comics. Sri Asih comic character made Kosasih packing with Sundanese traditional clothing inspired by his love of watching a puppet show. Until now Sri Asih is arguably the first superhero from Indonesia long before the creation of Godam, Gundala, or Maza. Sri Asih made Kosasih was good appreciated by the public and as many as 3, copies sold out immediately.

Siti Gahara also make a success as Sri Asih. Kosasih then make another female superhero named Sri Dewi who was also successful. Her spirits are increasingly burning. Added wild imagination. Remarkably, he even gave birth to the counter Sri Dewi vs Dewi Sputnik. One hallmark of the comics made Kosasih is black and white sketches are drawn so detailed without color. Kosasih from fame and he sent many letters from his fans.

Because it is so famous one of his fans who asked him to marry all by mail. Mahabharata Actually in Kosasih propose to make a comic puppet but his idea was rejected because Melodi publishing are considered puppet are sacred and less worthy to be a comic. But these conditions did not dampen the spirit Kosasih to create a comic puppet.

Together with his partner, Ardisoma, Kosasih began pioneering to make the comic puppet. Burisrawa Gandrung is the first comic puppet made Kosasih.

The comics was published as much as 48 pages and is entitled Burisrawa Merindukan Bulan. Another puppet comic Mundinglaya Dikusuma and Ganesha Bangun also preferred reader. These comics was also great acclaim. It thus makes Kosasih to actively look for ingredients such as researching various documents and requested the help of puppeteer to create comics that are categorized as major epics of India, the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The materials acquired from publishers such as Im Jam Tjoe who published a book of Ramayana from Semarang. In addition, he also get other materials from a book of library from Bogor Bagavat Gita Mahabharata , published by Balai Pustaka. Kosasih decided to create a story based on the version of India and not the Java version because he said not many who know the original version of the story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

From until Kosasih make dozens of volumes of comics readers much preferred. Due to the increasing business makes Kosasih out of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor and chose to become a professional comic artist in He was willing to not get a pension like other employees because he wanna be a professional comic artist. In his work he used to make comics do in the afternoon, assisted by his nephew Atmadja as the writer of the text.

Comics Mahabharata and Ramayana completion in Unfortunately in the s, precisely in the year Melodi publishers with management changes did not extend his comic series so Kosasih resign. Although he came out, Kosasih still get the income from reprints his comics. Kosasih was called to work again by the Ministry of Agriculture Bogor, but he only lasted a few months.

During this period he created the comic Cempaka, the story of Indonesian women like Tarzan. Unfortunately Kala Hitam and Setan Cebol comics only sold copies lower than his first creation comic serial in one month can be sold to 30, copies.

Kosasih agreed but he drew a little differently when he was still doing time at Melodi Publishing. Unfortunately in Kosasih health began to decline. He stopped smoking and the rest to make comics for a year. After resting for a year he returned to Bogor. Sri Dewi, a female superhero by Kosasih After a year off and lived in Bogor in Kosasih started drawing comics again. This time he was working on comics for Maranatha, publishing from Bandung.

Kosasih agreed. However, when he drawn back for Maranatha publishing the results are ugly. Kosasih considered to have failed. Name Kosasih increasingly soaring, especially among young people who end up so much to know about the puppet. Besides fame among lovers of comics, his name also used by the name of kungfu silat writer background Majapahit kingdom named Niki Kosasih successful in the mids through the story of radio plays Saur Sepuh.

In addition, the circulation of comics that pretty much everywhere denounced as a lower reading trashy reading. Despite the declining popularity of comic puppet, Kosasih not stop working. Instead he draw comics folklore that has become a legend like Lutung Kasarung and Sangkuriang. Besides, he also makes a new series of serial Egul Mayangkara which gives the portion of the text more than images.

This is done as a form of responsibility to the fans of the kids who read comics, comic besides of course the pressure from many quarters, especially from the education community to create comics that educate and make children so love to read books rather than comics.

Unfortunately, when age is growing older in Kosasih stop making comics. His hands were always shaking when he tried to draw. Now he lives in the Rempoa, South Jakarta with her children. His wife Lili Karsilah died in early Until now the comics Kosasih still reprinted by the Erlina publishing and Maranatha in Bandung.

Erlina Publishing, founded by the late Marcus Hadi is now intensified his wife, although with Erlina Marcus circulation of copies only. Kompas, 15 August


R. A. Kosasih

Dari Presiden ke Presiden, Buku 1: Pandawa lan Korawa merupakan dua kelompok dengan sifat sing berbeda namun berasal dari leluhur sing sama, yakni Kuru lan Bharata. Hal tersebut membuatnya bertambah marah kepada para Pandawa. Karena usaha licik Sangkunipermainan dimenangkan selama dua kali oleh Korawa sehingga sesuai perjanjian, Pandawa harus mengasingkan diri kealas selama 12 tahun lan setelah iku melalui masa penyamaran selama 1 tahun. Curhat si Koel by Kurnia Harta Winata 3. Clean Master — Free Antivirus. Keluarga DretarastraPandulan Widura membangun jalan cerita Mahabharata. Komik ini terdiri dari 40 buku, yang berisikan Mahabharata, Bharatayudha sampai Pandawa Seda.


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