David Livingstone is one of 22 men and women whose exciting adventures will be enjoyed by the whole family. As you read each of these wonderful stories aloud during family times or on your own, you will see how you, too, can reach out to your world through deeds and prayer to tell others the good news about Jesus and His love. Since its founding, Global Advance has provided face-to-face training for over , church and business leaders in 80 nations. David has ministered in over fifty nations in conferences, churches, and evangelistic outreaches. Also, he ministers extensively throughout the United States challenging the American church to reach its full missions potential.

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Bruce Gerencser December 8, 26 Comments Most American children do not choose which, if any, religion they want to follow. Children, almost without exception, adopt the religion of their parents and family. Often, religious worship is part of the ebb and flow of family and community life, so it should come as no surprise that children embrace that religion.

And therein lies the problem. Most Americans believe that worshiping God is very important, and many of them take it a step further in believing that it is essential that their children worship a specific God, namely the Christian God.

In most Christian sects, children are encouraged to make a conscious choice to worship Jesus. In the Catholic church,children, often as young as 7 years old, go through the sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. In the Lutheran church, children, usually around the age of 12, go through the rite of confirmation. In the Evangelical church, children are encouraged to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

It is not uncommon to hear adult Evangelicals say that Jesus saved them when they were 5 or 6 years old. In the Baptist church, it is not uncommon to hear testimonies of youthful conversion and a re-dedication to that conversion during teenage years.

Regardless of the Christian sect and its initiation practice, young children are encouraged, and often expected, to embrace the family God. Many secularists, including myself, think that children should not make the choice of a particular religion until they are old enough to do so, say, teenage years or older.

Many Christian sects either baptize or dedicate infants, resulting in that particular sect putting its mark upon the infant. They are saying, in effect, this baby is ours. From that point forward,children are indoctrinated in their parents religion.

While many Christian sects hide their motivations for indoctrinating young children, Evangelical groups such as Child Evangelism Fellowship CEF , are quite clear about why they go after young children.

I want it to be natural for them to trust the Lord Jesus early for salvation and then to trust Him for everything thereafter. I believe in the validity of child evangelism. For one thing, statistics are on its side. After that, the odds against conversion become astronomical. Early conversion saves not only a soul, but potentially points an entire life toward service to God and man. Evangelist Stephen Olford came to Christ on his 7th birthday.

Children are reached more easily than adults. Their sincerity is never in doubt. Their heart attitudes contribute to genuine conversion. And Jesus told adults that they must become as children to experience the new birth Matt. True, children who make an early profession of faith sometimes struggle with assurance and make a second public commitment later. We need not fully understand the Gospel to be saved; we need only believe and receive it. What adult fully comprehends the rationale or the magnitude of redemption?

Some argue that children are unable to stay true to their commitment. Teachers and superintendents should not merely believe in the possibility of early conversion, but in the ferquency sic of it. We do not expect unconverted adults to act like Christians. The same should be true for children. Neither do humanist educators, false religions and cults, or Satan.

The church that reaches its children has a better chance of reaching its adults. Often newly-converted children win their parents and grandparents to the Lord. Those children grow up to be adults who can nurture their own families to faith in Jesus Christ. Lest we forget, Christianity is always just one generation from extinction.

We must reach the coming generation with the Gospel. The late G. For in fact, we were saved as children. Further, those of us who have been actively learning and practicing the discipline of soul-winning have probably led a child to Christ, perhaps even one of our own…. Though some have tried to alter or add to the meaning of the word believe mentioned as the sole condition for salvation over times in the New Testament , its definition remains as God intended it.

It is the inward conviction that what God says to us in the Gospel is true. Faith is… taking God at His word. It is nothing less than this.

But it is also nothing more. Even, and especially, a child can grasp this message and place his faith in Christ for eternal life, and many do. Thank God for the faithful witnesses who led me—and perhaps you—to Christ at an early age! Who wants his child to go to hell, right? So then, it should come as no surprise that many Evangelicals press their children to profess faith in Jesus at a very young age.

Let me give you an example of how this works in the Evangelical church. Ron Adkins is pastor of the Methodist church a few blocks from my home. This church was the last church my wife and I attended before we deconverted in Children are often emotionally and mentally coerced into asking Jesus into their hearts. In many ways, Evangelicals who evangelize children are like door-to-door salesmen selling their customers on the importance of owning their product and the danger of putting off a buying decision to another day.

I would praise the virtues of the grossly overpriced vacuums, trying to get prospective customers to see how much better their lives would be if their households owned a Kirby.

The goal was always to get the customer to make an impulsive decision. And this is exactly what happens in many Evangelical churches. Uninformed children are wowed with the wonders of heaven and threatened with the horrors of sin and hell.

Once children are saved, their parents and churches continue to indoctrinate them in their sects particular teachings. Remember, these children do not have the rational capacity to make this choice, nor have the been exposed to alternative religions. Are confirmed, initiated, or saved children really making an informed decision to believe the central tenets of Christianity? Of course not. They lack the requisite intellectual skills necessary to make such a decision.

Unfortunately, what is best for children often collides with the objectives of organized religion: increasing membership and income. To put it bluntly, the goal is asses in the seats and money in the offering plate.

Without a steady stream of people who were indoctrinated as children and teenagers, churches would suffer declines in attendance and offerings. While Christian sects, churches, and parents argue that they are most interested in making sure children believe in Jesus, the truth is that they know without young, impressionable, and easily-manipulated children being assimilated into the church, Christianity would die.

If they wait until children are in their teens to indoctrinate them in the ways of Jesus, they know they run a huge risk of children leaving the church when they reach adulthood. In fact, things are so bad for American Christian churches, that adults, despite being immersed in the teachings of Christianity, are leaving the church anyway. What should we do, pastor after pastor asks.

Our churches are getting increasingly older and young adults are leaving and never coming back. What prompted me to write this post is an article on ESPN about whether children should be permitted to play high-impact sports. Omalu states: Our children are minors who have not reached the age of consent.

It is our moral duty as a society to protect the most vulnerable of us. The human brain becomes fully developed at about 18 to 25 years old. We should at least wait for our children to grow up, be provided with the information and education on the risk of play, and let them make their own decisions. No adult, not a parent or a coach, should be allowed to make this potentially life-altering decision for a child. We have a legal age for drinking alcohol; for joining the military; for voting; for smoking; for driving; and for consenting to have sex.

We must have the same when it comes to protecting the organ that defines who we are as human beings. If children are not old enough to understand the risks of playing football, and, as Dr.

We allow Christian parents to pull their children out of public schools so they can be indoctrinated by evangelists, posing as teachers of knowledge, for their particular sects beliefs. We also allow Christian parents to homeschool their children. Millions of American children are homeschooled or attend Christian private and parochial schools. These type of teachings do incalculable emotional harm to children, often resulting in low self-esteem or psychological problems.

Worse yet, these children are taught lies about the natural world they are very much a part of. Many Evangelical homeschool parents and private schools teach children that the earth is 6, years old, evolution is a lie, and the teaching of the Bible accurately reflects the one and only way to understand the world.

While parents and teachers will most likely teach their wards science, they often teach a Christianized version that repudiates biological evolution. They also, thanks to a literalistic reading of the Bible, reject most of what cosmology, archaeology, and geology tell us about the age of the earth and the universe.

As a result, children who have embraced this kind of indoctrination are crippled intellectually. Ask any secular college or university professor how difficult it is to reason with children who have been indoctrinated with fundamentalist Christian beliefs. The intransigence of these students is heartbreaking. Stunted intellectually, they often go through life ignoring vast swaths of human knowledge because it does not fit the narrow confines of what they were taught as a child.

Zoltan Istvan , the author of the novel The Transhumanist Wager , believes that it should be illegal to religiously indoctrinate children under the age of Bullying anti-gay Jesus kids. Infant genital mutilation.

Teenage suicide bombers.


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Bruce Gerencser December 8, 26 Comments Most American children do not choose which, if any, religion they want to follow. Children, almost without exception, adopt the religion of their parents and family. Often, religious worship is part of the ebb and flow of family and community life, so it should come as no surprise that children embrace that religion. And therein lies the problem. Most Americans believe that worshiping God is very important, and many of them take it a step further in believing that it is essential that their children worship a specific God, namely the Christian God.


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