Wild Boys , Book 7. Words: 80, Language: English. Published: September 19, She loved her small town, which was a big cry from living in New York.

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Lily knew right then and there that David recognized him. Maximilian King was no stranger around here. The library of the college she attended was named after his family and there was a framed picture of them near the entrance.

His father was filthy rich and Max had followed in his footsteps setting up his own fortune five hundred company that had created cutting edge communication devices and he was known to have the Midas touch in everything he invested in.

Her brother, Luke and he had gone to high school, college and eventually university together. She frowned as a young lady stopped and said something to him causing him to grin at her.

She fumed as the she giggled and went on her way, but not without a flirtatious wave of her fingers. Instead she only got the smiles that were reserved for the little sister of a good friend. At least in her eyes.

She felt a sinking in the pit of her stomach knowing that he was already lost to her. Somehow she was hoping he was different. All her life it was the same story. Just because they were friends with the Kings, people pretended to like them in hopes of getting close to the money.

He was in a totally relaxed pose with the first two buttons of his black silk shirt undone, his long legs crossed at the ankles and his hands in the pockets of his dark grey slacks. Currently, his attention was on something off to her left. Then he lifted his arm and spared a glance at the gold and platinum Rolex on his wrist, checking the time.

Even after all of the years she had known him, he still affected her. Always an enigma, yet charismatically appealing to her sex leaving a trail of heartbroken women in his wake. Unable to help 3 herself she let out a frustrated sigh. He was rich enough to send someone else to do it. She eyed him for a moment unable to squash down the frustration. She still felt undeniably attracted to Max and if there was any uncertainty it was just wiped clean when he drove up.

David was nothing compared to the man that Max was. He was a yes man, and Max was a natural leader. He was innovative and exciting and masculine to the teeth, and she knew then no one could ever compare. Neither one of them saw Max suddenly stand straight and pull his hands out of his pockets balling them in fists with his pale eyes on the couple a distance away.

Will I see you this weekend? While he was talking, his eyes were still locked on Max. She stared at him. Now that things were clear to her on why he wanted to see her, she was no longer interested. She would not be used. Goodbye David. Why did Max have to show up?

I told him I would make sure someone was here to get you—get in button. He had called her that since she could remember and she never knew why because she was too afraid to ask. It sounded like a cutesy name, but when he said it, it sounded salacious.

She closed her eyes for a moment to savour the affect it had on her. She had to admit that she loved the way her body reacted around him. It was like some sort of electrical current that only he could ignite.


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