Therefore, there are no guarantees that the information on any particular printer model is correct. This is commonly found in dot matrix or line printers, ink jet printers, or older laser printers that do not support the HP PCL5e printer language. Greyscale input was adequate too, but slightly lacking in detail. Make Your Selection Supported image formats for printing: A4-size scans in either colour or greyscale did not take more than 28 seconds to complete.

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Page 9 All-In-One. Page 10 If problems poster occur, see Setup troubleshooting. Printing last page first Note: The Lexmark Series All-In-One is an analog device that works best when directly connected to the wall Printing a banner jack.

Page 11 For help, see the instructions for the equipment you want to connect to the All-In- Overview One. Page 13 All-In-One telephone wall jack. Connect a phone cord from the telephone to the answering machine. Connect a phone cord from the telephone to the computer modem. Page 16 Refer to the instructions included with your digital camera connection and usage information. For help, see your camera documentation. Note: You do not have to attach Recommended for scanning, copying, or faxing multiple page documents.

ADF exit tray Pick up your original document Connect your All-In-One to a computer. Page 20 Understanding the All-In-One The control panel buttons help you scan, copy, fax, and customize documents. When Power is lit, the All-In-One is on. You can select a mode from the Mode area, select or change settings using several of the buttons, and initiate a scan, copy, or fax from Copies Scroll through the list of menu headings.

Note: Make sure the correct mode you want to perform lit. For more information, see Using the Lexmark Fax Solutions. Note; The option currently selected is noted with an asterisk on the display. For more information, see Manually dialing a fax while listening a telephone line On Hook Dial.

Page 28 Undeistanding the All-In-One!! On the control panel, press Mode repeatedly until Fax is selected. Press Select. Press Options to scroll through the Advanced Fax options. Page 35 troubleshooting, maintenance, and cartridge ordering information Lexmark Photo Editor editing graphics The Lexmark Fax Solutions faxing Using the Lexmark Productivity Suite The Lexmark Productivity Suite enables you to complete tasks quickly and easily by opening the correct component for the task you want to complete, http:!

Page 36 Right-click the system tray icon, and then select Productivity Suite. The Lexmark Productivity Suite appears on your desktop. Send photos to other people or open them with various programs. Page 37 I can do with this software. Use tools to keep your All-In-One working optimally. To open the Page 42 Help button on the dialog box. Options menu also provides with direct links to different parts of the Lexmark Solution Center see Using Lexmark Solution Center , as well as software version information.

Print Properties tabs All of the print Page 45 Note: For more information, click Help in the lower right corner of the screen. To access Lexmark Using the Lexmark Fax Solutions Use this utility to adjust the fax send receive settings. When save settings, Page 47 Undelstanding the All-In-One settings. For a list of options available, see Customizing your settings using Lexmark Fax Solutions.


LEXMARK 7100 series User Manual



Lexmark XM7170 Manuals






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