Its entire control surface is software, driven by a multi-touch interface on a high-resolution computer display. Without the limitations of physical knobs, buttons and faders, crystalCLEAR presents the user with only relevant controls and information, hiding anything not needed for the task at hand. Sometimes a few faders are all that is needed to control levels during a segment. Operators will feel right at home right away.

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The crystal success story continues: after more than 1, installations in radio facilities and small broadcast applications, SNG and ENG vans, and TV production suites, Lawo has developed a yet more powerful crystal console.

The cost-effective entry point into the Lawo world of mixing offers all of the flexibility and customizability for which Lawo is renowned, and provides a future-proof investment for both commercial and public broadcasters. Smart technology, ready to use. The new crystal mixing console comes with VisTool, a powerful touchscreen optimized PC software for extended visualization and control of crystal installations.

In its basic version, VisTool is designed for clear visualization, while the unlimited version of VisTool can be completely customized to meet any requirements, displaying all parameters or only those that are essential.

Smart technology: ready to use crystal consoles come fully operational, with a preset that meets the general demands of a wide range of radio applications. In addition, it allows an unparalleled degree of customization, offering a pool of features that is second to none. Being the perfect choice for stand-alone operation as well as for networked environments, crystal ensures maximum efficiency for on-air operation and production in all aspects of everyday work.

Based on feedback from the users of more than 1, crystal mixing consoles, the new crystal offers extensive improvements. The new preset configuration facilitates quick and easy use, and is the perfect basis for further customization. In addition to other features, crystal provides all fader sources, a general bus configuration, a control room and guest monitoring.

New functions like the integrated AutoMix and AutoGain provide outstanding ease-of-use, especially to journalists and presenters in self-op situations. State-of-the-art technology and ultra-slim construction The crystal console is a genuine eye-catcher in any studio. But it is not just the appearance of the console that is impressive.

The build quality and integral attributes of crystal will meet the highest demands — from its superb all-metal case and mm faders with integral dust shield, to its excellent signal processing capabilities.

Ergonomic design for optimal workflow Apart from its modern appearance and renowned Lawo build quality, crystal will also impress with its outstanding ergonomics.

Two high-visibility OLED displays per channel provide an ideal overview. Various functions can also be assigned to multipurpose buttons e. Multi-color LEDs indicate different functions by color schemes. In addition, a set of four user buttons on each fader strip can be assigned with dynamic functionality that is labeled in the OLED display. Customization Even though crystal consoles come with a working preset, they offer a high degree of customization and an unparalleled pool of workflow optimizing functions and features.

The control surface is available in variants offering from 4 to 16 faders. Nearly every button on the user interface can be configured to meet the individual requirements. Custom functions can be easily labeled using exchangeable inlays. The possibilities for system administrators are countless. They range from small n-1 set-ups to a full-blown conference matrix, and from a single control room monitoring to multiple monitoring buses. Or from a few internal console snapshots to unlimited console and channel snapshots in a database, and from a fully accessible console to a restricted user interface defined by user rights management.

Specifications Control surface variants with up to 16 faders Compact design with case height only 35 mm 1. Internal tone generator.











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