Whispers will bring the prizes; the authors will bring the fun! No mistaking what I do. Of course, I write more than just sex, I write books that have stories about other things sprinkled with a liberal dose of sex. And life should be like that. Good sex in books is like chocolate without calories. Anyway, before I go off to my happy place thinking about oodles of chocolate and lots of sex at the same time even!

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Fantasy Island Welcome to my imagination. Come in, get yourself comfortable, and look around. I guarantee a wild ride! I am ecstatic that I found another talented author to add to my list, and I look forward to reading more from Ms.

As for Hot Gossip, I recommend this enjoyable novel to any and all readers! So thanks Talia for reading and reviewing my book!!! All Rights Reserved, Whispers, Inc.

He took note of her love of games of chance and of taking risks, and he used it. Daring to lay it on the line, he challenged her to trust fate and let the coin decide. He had immense greed for her. What do you say, beautiful? The truth of it settled into her in a way she could no longer deny. She loved Xander Stryker to distraction.

All because she loved him. Nodding, she decided to trust fate another time. To let her know whether she should move on and kick this ass out of her life or give him another chance. So get moving, fang. Heart pounding, Lissie leaned in close to see what side the coin would be on when he moved his hand back. He pulled his hand back, and she saw that it was heads.

Relief poured through her. Chuckling, he gave her a lascivious grin. She grabbed his hand, pushed it out of the way, and shoved her hand in his pocket. You probably cheated. Wearing a smirk, he handed it to her.

Examining it, she saw it was a normal quarter and handed it back with a sigh, scowling at his arrogant smirk. Velvet and seductive, it slithered down her spine, leaving a flush of desire in its wake. He leaned back against the table behind him, watching her every move. Moving her trembling hands to the hem of her shirt, she pulled it up and over her head and draped it over a barstool.

She shot him a dirty look and stood before him, nipples hard, the silver of the ring winking at him in the dim light. What she meant to him. Come and play with the Whispers authors tomorrow on their readers loop. Join here. One lucky winner for day is going to walk away with downloads of all 8 launch books!!!

But you have to be there to win! So come and play tomorrow!! She wore black leather pants with fashionably enhanced hips and a low cut sweater twin set that displayed more fashionably enhanced products like the triple click cleavage bra.

She took a stool at the bar and ordered a Pink Lady. As she took a sip, she stared at herself in the facing mirrored wall behind the counter. She ran a hand through her hair and fluffed it up. After trailing her tongue over her plump painted lips, she winked at herself. No man could resist her. She was a temptress, a seductress. An old star harlot like Brigitte Bardo. But what then? Would she actually step over the line of journalist ethics--yes, she had a line--and sleep with him for a story?

The moment she spotted Ethan in the mirror as he walked into the bar and sat down at a table, all the blood rushed from her head down to her crotch.

He looked absolutely edible in his soft blue chambray shirt and tan Chinos. His hair was parted and slick to the side. It still looked wet as if he had just stepped out of the shower. Makayla swallowed the saliva pooling in her mouth as she thought of him just stepping out of the stall, his body slick and wet, the fresh scent of soap on his hard flesh, and a sexy playful grin on his chiseled face. She felt little quivers of desire in her thighs and a quickening of things in between.

Yes, she might just cross that line. Taking another sip of her drink, she tried to compose herself. She was a professional and this was her assignment. Ethan Devane was just a story and nothing more. After flipping back her hair, she swung around on the barstool, crossing her legs seductively as she did.

She pretended to scan the crowd, a look of boredom etched on her face. At least, she hoped it was boredom and not pent-up sexual frustration. It was getting more and more difficult to reign in her lust with Ethan so near.

He was like a pheromone nuclear bomb. No one within a twenty-mile radius was safe from the hormonal fall-out. Coming to Whispers February 28th!


Sleight Of Hand

Nov 22, Lyndi W. A Most Delicate Pursuit. Much better than if you win. Anyway, without further ado…here it is: To Tame a Wild Lady. A Night of Forever. A Mistress To Remember. She jerked away and he shook his head slowly.


Lauren Dane 90

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Vixenwriter: A Seduction In Words



Fantasy Island


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