For Sale by the Publishers, Rev. Clarence Larkin Est. Box , Glenside, Pa. Enlarged and Revised Edition Copyrighted The Charts and Diagrams and Cuts in this book must not be used in any way without written permission from the Author. We had to scan or photograph the remaining charts and graphics from a hard copy of the book.

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The designing and drawing of the charts and the writing of the descriptive matter took over three years. The book therefore has not been hastily gotten up. It is the outcome of over 30 years of careful and patient study of the Prophetic Scriptures, and aims to give not the opinions of men, but the teaching of the Word of God. In ten months the first edition was exhausted and was widely circulated all over the world. This, the Third Edition, has been revised and enlarged by the addition of twice as many charts and twice as much descriptive matter as the previous editions, and the charts are now inserted in the descriptive matter where they belong.

The book has also been printed in Atlas form, 11 inches square, and bound in cloth, making it more convenient to handle and carry about. The large charts of the earlier editions have not been reduced in size or form, but are printed from the old plates, and when the book is open, spread across two pages. This method and manner of printing the book adds greatly to its cost, but the buyer gets far more than the additional cost in the increased value of the contents of the book, which contains twice as much as the previous edition.

There are double pages of descriptive matter in the book, or single pages, and as each page contains one-half more matter than the page of and ordinary book, there are the equivalent of pages of an ordinary book. If the Author had had to employ a skilled draughtsman to draw the charts the cost of the book would have been prohibitive.

In this the Holy Spirit did not confuse the Author by suggesting all the charts at one time. When one was completed another was suggested. And upon more than one occasion when a problem arose the answer was given in the night or at awakening in the morning.

His writings therefore must be judged by their agreement or disagreement with the Holy Scriptures. March 25,


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