Esta novela arra la historia del joven patricio italiano Fabrizio del Dongo y sus aventuras durante los ltimos aos del dominio napolenico en Europa La cartuja de Parma es una historia pica al tiempo que es una ntima historia de intrigas polticas y frustraciones erticas. Ambientada en la muy ficcionalizada corte de Parma durante la misma poca en la que vivi Stendhal. Casi desde el momento de su publicacin en , sta, que fue su ltima obra completa, ha sido considerada una obra maestra. Apenas a un ao de ser publicada, Balzac alab la obra en un largo artculo, logrando as establecer la buena reputacin de la novela. Uno ve perfeccin en todo, dice Balzac.

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Bring him here, the rascal. I shall have his head cut off! There was a commotion and the door was opened and he recognized Conte Crescenzi, quite inebriated, and spouting forth such obscenities that would have made the most devilish of villains blush. Such buffooneries were uttered that even the dogs barking outside were scandalized. It was later claimed by the lowest class that at the same moment, inside JR was writing a little note on a piece of parchment when a cry was heard outside his door.

It was later claimed by the lowest class that at the same moment, inside the church of the Sta. Now JR had a tiny piece of dagger in his hilt and was ready to stab the Conte had the Conte attempted to draw his rapier. Alas, the Conte was there only to abuse the poor gentleman with his words. I feel thee, better to be with us dogs than a wife who is a bitch to another man. Come and drink. He had never heard such an accusation, and from such a lowly person.

Thus his heart was filled with great sorrow and he drunk such wine that the Savior would have died had it been all his blood the Conte was drinking. Then the suddenly passionate Conte broke into a sonnet he wrote as a boy once when his mother had struck him for pilfering a sou from her purse.

When he finished the drunken crowd erupted with peals of laughter and insults, for the sonnet was not flattering and very novice. It was his Italian blood, prone to fits of wild imaginings when in frenzy that we can attribute this to. And so Bonaparte declared the name JR and informed the furious Conte of his whereabouts. Full of zeal, the Conte made haste and left the tavern but not before he insulted the crowd with his profanities that are to be legendary for being astoundingly juvenile at the same time.

After assaulting JR with a furious besmirching, the Conte sat down and asked for some wine. But then light slowly came to him.

He smiled. But the smile vanished from his face when he looked at the clock and saw that it displayed the numbers seven fifty-eight. He sprang up, took a quick shower, changed clothes, got his bag and went out. He was late for class.



Plot summary[ edit ] The Charterhouse of Parma chronicles the adventures of the young Italian nobleman Fabrice del Dongo from his birth in to his death. The book begins with the French army sweeping into Milan and stirring up the sleepy region of Lombardy , which was allied with Austria. Fabrice grows up surrounded by intrigues and alliances for and against the French — his father the Marchese comically fancies himself a spy for the Viennese. It is broadly hinted at that Fabrice may have actually been fathered by a visiting French lieutenant. Fabrice at seventeen is idealistic, rather naive, and speaks poor French. However, he will not be stopped and leaves his home on Lake Como to travel north with false papers. He wanders through France, losing money and horses rapidly.


la cartuja de parma de stendhal marie henri beyle



"La Cartuja de Parma", según Manuel Machado


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