His father was a teacher, yet he reports having struggled in school due to his inability to focus and a preference for imaginative play. This led to the opening of the first Dahn Center in in Seoul , South Korea , which would grow to over Korean centers in the early twenty-first century [4] In , the first Dahn Center opened in the United States. As of , there were approximately Dahn Centers in the United States. Dahn World has described their spiritual products as the most lucrative of all Korean exports; they plan to expand to 36, training centers worldwide by

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About Author — Educator — Earth Citizen Ilchi Lee is a New York Times bestselling author, an innovative leader in brain potential development, and a dedicated advocate for a peaceful, sustainable world. He developed Brain Education, a mind-body training method that helps each person create their own health, happiness, and peace and use it for the benefit of all.

Born in South Korea in , at the start of the Korean War, Ilchi Lee wondered about the meaning of life from a young age. At fourteen, he witnessed his friend drown while swimming in a lake and started to question everything around him.

He was constantly plagued by unanswered questions about his life and purpose. On top of the depression and listlessness he felt as a result, Ilchi struggled to pay attention in school due to ADHD and could not understand what the people around him were studying to accomplish.

He opened his own clinical pathology laboratory, got married, and had two sons, but the fundamental question of who we are and why we live never fully went away. On the twenty-first day, he realized his true nature—oneness with the universe: cosmic energy and cosmic mind. Through this profound realization, Ilchi Lee discovered his essential value and his life purpose—helping people find their true nature in easy and attainable ways.

The first thing he did after this realization was get up early and go to a park. The class at the park attracted more and more people.

In the last four decades, the number of centers has grown to over around the world. This system helps individuals use their brain to create health, happiness, and peace.

Brain Education does not stop with the health and development of individuals, however. Ilchi Lee has authored more than forty books on meditation, brain wellness, spirituality, personal growth, and other Brain Education-related topics, including the New York Times bestseller The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

These are now owned and operated by Brain Education instructors in sixteen countries. Brain Education has been codified into an academic discipline recognized by the South Korean government. Ilchi Lee founded secondary and post-secondary educational institutions based on it, as well as a research institute to explore it.

Now Ilchi Lee speaks and teaches around the world, empowering people to use their brains to connect to their infinite potential and take charge of their health, their lives, and their communities. The wisdom here is miles deep, yet easily accessible, making it instantly usable.

We promised to work together as spiritual brothers until there is peace on our planet for all.


To find the answers you seek, connect with yourself.

Connecting with Yourself to Fight Anxiety and Depression Despite having every modern convenience at our disposal and many luxuries our ancestors could only dream of, many of us still struggle with anxiety and depression. In his new book, Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation , best-selling author Ilchi Lee explores how re-establishing a connection with yourself can be a great way to deal with anxiety and depression. It can be like trying to find your way out of the wilderness without a compass—you have lost your guide in life so it can be hard to navigate your way. You can do that by getting a clear sense of who you are and what you want out of life. Channeling Your Inner Child Do you remember what it felt like to be a young child?


How to Love


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