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An as yet unpublished feasibility study conducted by the centre in June found that the Sudanese refugee community suffers from a whole chain of obstacles with no access to education or work, inadequate housing and healthcare, and other symptoms of marginalisation. Nahed Nassr listens while American black culture infiltrates the Sudanese refugee community.

But the new generation is different. And it is in the Hip-Hop-isation of identity that gang culture is most visible: The idea is to counter the gangsta culture that has developed among refugees, with two gangs — the Lost Boys and the Outlaws — not only rapping but literally killing each other, notably outside the American University in Cairo main campus on a recent occasion.

The Egyptian security know about it, but what do they do to protect people? Research team member, Akram Abdu, says Hip Hop is being used as hip tool to connect with these people: But others contend that repatriation will only replicate the problem elsewhere.

This is only a start. Affiliation with a gang, for them, has replaced the normal sense of communal belonging. It is difficult to make accurate estimates of numbers, but the two main gangs — the Lost Boys and the Outlaws — can mobilise up to members each. And yet a handful of young men, including three of those responsible for the AUC incident, have been arrested and convicted.

G, P2K and the Big Twelve. It is partly ignorance, nipping says: Historically speaking, Egyptians and Bop are brothers. Hipping the hop of Sudan Nahed Nassr listens while American black culture infiltrates the Sudanese refugee community Click to view caption. Divorced from tribal culture, they are brought up to think they will manage to immigrate to the West — only uop end up without a future even here.

They do not even show respect to their own people. We had them here for decades and vice versa, without any problems. All rights reserved Comment. One street vendor from Darfur blames it less on the lack of rehabilitation- integration than on the Egyptian police choosing to turn a blind eye, however: The problems may be endemic among large groups of Egyptians too, but the Sudanese have an even harder time facing them because they have no real sense hippinv community.

Studio Emad El-Deen, downtown, was where he chose to meet. In our rap class there are around nine Sudanese girls but the trainers are volunteers of different nationalities including Egyptians. Tupac Shakur is the best known role model; and gangstas dress differently from the rest of the community. What these young people need is rehabilitation.

But because they can float among different groups, it is the women who hipoing as informers and double agents. Music database But all they get is two hours a week; the rest of the time they are back in their world. Current issue Previous issue Site map. Related Articles.


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