Fedal MJ Mathi rated it it was amazing Sep 19, You can feel the bones of the original stories under the new tales, the characters are recognisable. Additionally all the books focus on a set of three best friends and their final years at a s boarding school — but they are also retellings of some of the best-loved fairytales ever written. Refresh and try again. Four and a half stars.

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Aug 04, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Girls Shelves: favorites This truly is one of my favourite books. This might sound very malory towers I assure it is not.

This book has a This truly is one of my favourite books. This book has a sinister edge to it which I think makes it more real. The elements of the roses in the 2nd story and the hinted at magic or dark magic in the 3rd make this book so unique.

I think this book possibly started my love affair with Paris at a very early age as the descriptions of Parisian life in the fifties, the city of lights, was simply enthralling. If you are a teenage girl, any kind of teenage girl, you MUST read this book. Although I suppose it is a young adult book I still enjoy it as a technical adult only 18!

I love all the characters and certainly the fairytale element is wonderfully done. I am in love with this charming book. I dont know. I really just have no clue as to what I just read. So let me give you guys some background info on how I got my hands on this book. Ok, let me admit. The title does not make me want to read it, so no credit to the cover artist or author there. So that was a really big fail.

Anyways, moving on to my personal feelings before even opening the cover. It was Let me just say. It was kinda flat. I thought it would be your typical lallalala thing but it actually surprised me. So kudos to you, Adele. Also, I found it interesting how the whole notion of changing the characters from your traditional run of the mill fairytales was not at all what I thought it would be. I have never heard anyone say anything about this book, so I guess I am kinda glad I read it.

I need to stop judging books by their cover. I really am going to say, sometimes just getting a random book is good and changes up your reading style and everything. I would never have picked up this book on my own, unfortunately and that is a sad thing because I wish i was more accepting of all books. So no rating, because 3 and a bit. I really enjoyed this adaptation. It was really fun right in the beginning to figure out which girl was which princess and it was really cleverly done how the story lines from each fairy tale were interpreted and introduced.

I highly recommend this for any This is a modern re-telling of three fairy tales: Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I highly recommend this for any lover of fairy tales.


Happy Ever After: 3 book bind-up



Happy Ever After


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