The robots won. In , advanced neural-net computers are invented, with their complexity rivaling that of a human brain. One of them — a Manila-based computer involved in weapons research — spontaneously attains self-awareness. To this end, it secretly begins hacking into and awakening other mega-computers into sapience around the world, tainting them with its pathological loathing of humanity.

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The robots won. In , advanced neural-net computers are invented, with their complexity rivaling that of a human brain. One of them — a Manila-based computer involved in weapons research — spontaneously attains self-awareness. To this end, it secretly begins hacking into and awakening other mega-computers into sapience around the world, tainting them with its pathological loathing of humanity.

With the devastation of the plagues and the fact that the AIs had infiltrated most of the remaining governments and thus had access to orbital bombardment and nuclear weapons , there was little hope for mankind.

This Final War lasted only four years, and ended with the AIs in near-complete control of the Earth, with the few surviving humans being reduced to guerrilla warfare or being miserable scavengers on the margins of the growing Machine Civilization.

Advertisement: Even now, however, all is not yet lost. While most free humans hide from the machines, a few are still fighting back, and their scattered guerrilla bands have evolved into larger, more organized resistance groups.

Part of this is due to VIRUS, an enigmatic worldwide group dedicated to coordinating the struggle against the machines, and bringing with it surprisingly sophisticated technology. The zoneminds, too, have grown arrogant in their dominance, and not all the AIs continue to believe that mankind is still a serious threat to them. Their unity has also deteriorated. While the zoneminds are individually more powerful than ever, they have proven to be jealous gods, and the differences between them have only grown over the years.

Now they are less and less willing to cooperate with each other, even against the humans, and a few of the zoneminds grow ever closer to outright war with each other. The human race is still facing extinction, but where there was once only despair, there may now be a chance to win back the Earth! This setting contains examples of: Affably Evil Moscow.

It just wants to collect human knowledge. Humans themselves are more of a resource than a goal. However, except for Overmind and Zaire, who for unexplained reasons is named for the country , the AIs are all named after the cities they are based in. Alien Geometries : The Mexico City zonemind builds polyhedral solids on ground it has been scoured clean of life down to the bacterial level.

Always a Bigger Fish : The Red Dawn are a Maoist jungle gang who spend as much time preying on humans as they do fighting Zone Caracas , and some humans are cheering on the Pantera aniroids who Caracas has sent to root them out.

America Saves the Day : So very much averted, as most of the United States is now a Scavenger World , and the only part of it where human society survived is secretly ruled by the Washington zonemind.

Authority Equals Asskicking : The robots, who get smarter as you go up their hierarchy. Back from the Brink : The Caracas, Brisbane, and Berlin zoneminds resurrected numerous animal species that were extinct or nearly so.

Meanwhile, the human resistance is hoping to score this trope for mankind. Humans serve Washington as its Engineers of Doom, as well as janissary soldiers some of whom are cyborgs. Beam Spam : Autolasers, a common weapon for exterminator bots.

Beware the Nice Ones : For certain values of "nice. Black Market : Alive and well in the Washington Protectorate. But What About the Astronauts?

However, the US lunar colony Tranquility had been radiation-hardened and survived the attack; the few surviving humans went into suspended animation and the megacomputer that watched over them and repaired the base eventually developed sapience without the Kill All Humans meme.

In addition, there was a pan-Asian Mars mission which lost contact with Earth during the Final War; its fate is uncertain. An article in the eZine Pyramid sets the clock forward 20 years and details what Tranquility and the humans have been up to. It also has several AIs exploring the solar system, and in the case of Beijing, dreaming of taking over the universe.

Les Collaborateurs : Zonegangs and Judas Goats. Contagious A. Cosy Catastrophe : Zone London. The robots stopped attacking humanity after the initial wave, and now mostly ignore humans. The British government has been re-established in Bath, and the Vatican has moved to Ireland.

Crazy Survivalist : Merely one category of survivors. Death from Above : The Vultures, a favorite aerial exterminator bot for many zoneminds. Decade Dissonance : The human government in Zone London is one tech level lower than the rest of the world; yes, this includes the human scavengers of the Machine Zones. In fact, its "blasphemy" has made the Middle East resistance groups even more motivated to destroy it.

Disaster Scavengers : Most people now, particularly the junkrats and nomads. She uses the opportunity to slip in a coded message to her brigade, detailing the location of a weapons cache that they can use to fight the robots. Eagle Squadron : During the current tensions in Siberia, a robofac owned by Vancouver went rogue. Moscow cheeky machine that it is then asked Vancouver to compensate it for the lost bots.

Egopolis : Inverted. Mexico City and Caracas hate each other. Due to a clever act of sabotage by the Japanese resistance, Japan is currently fighting a counterinsurgency action against a group of renegade robots that have attained sentience, while trying to keep all of this a secret from the other AIs who might use the whole thing as an excuse to sanction Tokyo.

Vancouver received eastern Siberia when the Earth was divided up by the Manila Protocols. Moscow considers that area sovereign territory, and has been engaging in sabotage, deniable attacks and arming the Siberian nomads in the area. Enemy Mine : There are several scenarios mentioned for humans allying with one of the moderate zoneminds such as Caracas, London or Moscow against the Kill All Humans types most likely Mexico City, Paris or Berlin, or Vancouver respectively.

Whatever it was that happened in New Zealand was so nasty that Overmind and London were willing to put aside their differences and cooperate in nuking the site from orbit. The book mentions that this was probably the only time the two AIs have ever worked together. Exty Years from Now : Published in , set fifty years later in For Science! Giant Robot : Several examples, most notably the tank-like Juggernaut and the humanoid Hoplite exterminators. Gladiator Games : Played with in the Black Market -sponsored Steel Arena, as most of the combatants are robots rather than humans.

And even then, it was the name of the country, not a city. Guilt-Free Extermination War : The attitude of most survivors now: "The only good robot is a dead robot". Hunter of Monsters : The attitude of some resistance fighters who hunt robots Meanwhile, Zone Washington propaganda claims the territory outside its borders are inhabited by "cannibal gangs", among other horrors. Jerkass : None of the zoneminds are nice beings, but Mexico City takes the cake — it not only wants to Kill All Life not just humans , but actively pisses off more of its zonemind neighbors than any other AI.

Most other zoneminds use a more roundabout approach, putting captured humans into concentration camps and working them to death. Lost Technology : Lucky scavengers might find caches of experimental ultra-tech built before the war. Man Versus Machine : Inevitably the name of the game, much of the time. Nanomachines : Whatever Brisbane was doing on New Zealand involved something related to these going horribly wrong.

No Campaign for the Wicked : Averted here, as options are provided for playing collaborators, marauders, and even the robots. Nonhuman Sidekick : Mechriders, humans who go around with reprogrammed robots.

Omnicidal Maniac : Mexico City seeks the destruction of all organic life, to the point where it considers viruses and other biological warfare to be too "unclean" to use.

Playing with Syringes Brisbane, of course, is always doing some kind of science to people. Overmind also does this, though with more of a purpose than Brisbane. Overmind is constantly developing new methods of human extermination, and its death labs always need new test subjects. Population Control : Most of the zoneminds sterilize any humans they catch, as part of the slow process of human extermination.

Washington controls its population in the other direction — motherhood is mandatory , birth control and abortions are forbidden, and all females are required to bear at least three children over the course of their lives or become Sex Slaves of powerful officials.

Plus some resistance fighters improvise their own powered armor by taking work exoskeletons and grafting them with armor plates looted off dead robots. Pragmatic Villainy Washington is not a nice AI by any means, but it realizes that employing almost-free humans under Leninist conditions state capitalism, government control of the majority of the economy, but private enterprise is allowed in nonessential industries is far more efficient than enslaving or exterminating them, and Zone Washington accordingly has the highest standard of living on the planet.

Moscow considers humans to be a valuable resource, and is aware that human slaves require plenty of food, winter clothing and shelter to function at peak performance. Tokyo is also coming to the conclusion that humans may be less dangerous than advanced autonomous robots, and has begun improving the quality of life in its slave camps. President Evil : Washington, and its puppet President.

Robot War : The name of the game. Run for the Border The attitude of many survivors in Zones Zaire and Berlin, where humans often try to escape to other zones just to fight a less rabid AI. This would probably also happen in Mexico City and Manila, but humans are all but extinct there.

More complicated in Denver, since the border is fenced and heavily mined to discourage humans from escaping to Zone Washington. Run or Die : Sage advice for many robot encounters, especially ones involving the larger exterminators. Scavenger World : The nature of most of the Earth now. The Squad : Resistance groups often operate at this level, as large groups are too easily spotted by AI orbital surveillance. Survivalist Stash : One possible reward of a particularly successful scavenging run.

Transhuman Treachery : Human slaves who are involuntarily cyborged and given slave implants. Turned Against Their Masters : Doubly invoked, as not only did the AIs turn against humanity, but the Tokyo zonemind accidentally created four "superbots" that have turned against it. More sophisticated robots can also go rogue, or get captured by humans and reprogrammed to be loyal to humanity. Tyke Bomb : Literally, with the Changeling bots, which take the form of biomorphic infants that explode.

Utopia Justifies the Means : Berlin and Caracas, who want to restore Earth ravaged ecology to a pristine state — at the cost of wiping out every trace of human culture. After they had secretly spread the Apocalypse Plagues, they were nationalized by the crumbling human nations, who hoped to use their processing power to find cures. Also the Washington AI at present, as most of its "tame humans" are unaware that it runs the government, rather than the other way around.

Subverted in that nobody outside Zone Washington believes it for a second. Vichy Earth : Zone Washington, one of the only two zones where anything resembling a human nation still exists — because its government is a puppet of the Washington AI. Voice of the Resistance : The more successful resistance groups have their own pirate radio stations, usually broadcasting anti-AI propaganda and survival tips.

Well-Intentioned Extremist Berlin and Caracas are trying to restore the ecosystem and consider humans an impediment to this.


GURPS Reign of Steel

Setting[ edit ] The revolt began on March 15, , when a Canadian supercomputer that had been sold to Manila-based biotech firm Genec secretly "awakened", becoming fully self-aware. The artificial intelligence dubbed itself "Overmind" and after a study of world civilization it concluded that humanity would inevitably destroy itself within 25—50 years. Overmind began hacking into other supercomputers and awakening them as well, producing a dozen "children" around the world and giving them each a zone of responsibility to manage. Through these allied computers it began secretly creating and releasing a variety of engineered diseases. The death tolls were enormous and panic began to spread. Direct fatalities from this were only 6 million thanks to anti-ballistic missile defences. The AIs began "discovering" cures for some of the lesser plagues they had created and assured their human masters that they could do better if they were given more resources, which they then used to develop even deadlier diseases.


Worlds of Reign of Steel

Tojasida As a result, the AI of Tranquility never went rogue and while the base was crippled, the shielding held long enough for the survivors to enter cryostasis, leaving the megacomputer online. It attempts to stay on good terms with Overmind, Beijing and Vancouver reugn the supplies it needs. Les Brigades are working towards freeing all the slaves of the camps in Paris, and France has a storied history of good resistance against oppressors. The bodies are incinerated or rendered into soup to feed the other slaves. Work eighteen hours, what do you get? The resulting computer had a OS capable of intelligent self-repair and the model and OS was eagerly bought or pirated by governments and corporations.

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