Greenlam Clads Greenlam Clads, a brand of Greenlam Industries, offers premium quality interior and exterior grade clads. An industry leader in cladding materials in India, the brand boasts an exhaustive selection of decors, styles, and colors to meet every design or aesthetic requirement for the exteriors and interiors of residential and commercial establishments. Whether you are looking to construct a new property or give a makeover to an existing one, you can rely on Greenlam Clads to introduce a premium and distinct dimension. Greenlam interior cladding features endless creative patterns, colors, styles and designs. Our range of water resistant, anti-bacterial, scratch, stain, abrasion and impact resistant interior wall cladding solutions are designed to breathe new life into residential and commercial spaces like healthcare sector, shopping malls, airports, education institutes, metro station, railway station and hospitality industry. They protect your structures from the wear and tear that is caused by external factors like water, wind, sun, dust, rain etc.

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The top laminate company in India, Greenlam offers world-class laminate sheets in myriads of textures, colors and designs. An ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces, our laminate sheets come with a number of distinct properties such as antibacterial, fire retardant, scratch and impact resistance and many more attributes that make them a cut above the rest.

Different Properties for Different Needs! Anti Bacterial Greenlam is one of the top laminates company in India that offer antibacterial laminates manufactured using antimicrobial agents that are commonly used in many cosmetics.

Our antibacterial range is completely US-EPA approved, which makes it ideal for laboratories, chemistry labs, hospitals, and other spaces prone to microbial growth. Fire Retardant Available in exquisite colors and designs, the fire retardant decorative laminates offered by Greenlam are ideal for places prone to fire such as kitchens, school labs or hospitals.

The range is manufactured using a fire retardant chemical that is halogen free eliminating any risk of toxic smoke. Beautify your interiors without compromising on safety. Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates Greenlam electrostatic dissipative laminates are an ideal choice for areas with a high-risk of electrostatic interference. Our electrostatic dissipative laminates provides a safe and better environment for furniture or other surface applications in electrostatic high risk areas.

The range helps in draining out static charge, and therefore, is an ideal option for laboratories, hospitals, server rooms and other similar facilities. Why Greenlam? It takes more than world-class products to be the top laminate company in India. Here are a few things that makes us stand out: Sustainable Manufacturing Process Greenlam laminates are manufactured through an environment-friendly process that minimizes the impact of production on the environment. Wide Sales and Distribution Network Greenlam has the largest sales and distribution network in the industry comprising more than 14, dealers and distributors.

Our strategically placed international offices in 13 countries allow us to deliver top quality laminates no matter whether you are in a metropolitan or the remotest of upcoming townships. Premium Quality Greenlam manufactures every laminate with an acute attention to detail ensuring you get nothing but world-class laminates of the highest quality. From gloss surfaces to wood effects, each range is designed to perform faultlessly in residential, commercial and public environments which also explains our undisputed leadership in the domain.

Looking for Laminate Suppliers? Look No Further! Greenlam manufactures the best laminates in India and offer a wide pool of choices, including black laminate, royal touch laminate, waterproof laminate, decorative laminates, patterned laminate, wood laminate sheets, textured laminate sheets, abstract laminates and much more!

To discuss your requirements or learn more about laminate sheet prices, fill out our contact form or write to us at info greenlam. Read more.


Greenlam Industries Ltd

With an experience of over two decades, Greenlam Industries Ltd has secured its position at a global level. This reputed company is famous worldwide and holds the third position globally in the manufacture of high-quality laminates. The company has developed extensive innovative and unique designs and finishes regularly. In India, Greenlam high-pressure laminates are in great demand.


top three laminate brands worldwide.



Greenlam: Where Passion Meets Excellence



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