San Juan: Mairena, London and New York: Routledge, Caracas: Ministerio del poder popular para la cultura, Atenea: Revista de Mayaguez 10 Mujeres de palabra.

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Hispanic Studies Review — Vol. By Jennifer Barajas, Bradley University. After determining the linguistic factors that favor vowel raising, namely the vowel appearing in closed syllables and utterance-finally, a weakening hypothesis is proposed. Unstressed mid vowel raising tends to occur in many of the same contexts where unstressed vowel devoicing UVD has been shown to occur Delforge a, b , although there is typically no change in vowel quality with UVD, and both are triggered by a reduction in duration.

Therefore, I provide support for the idea that unstressed mid vowel raising should be classified as its own separate vowel weakening process. By Vernon A. Chamberlin, University of Kansas. The increasing intensity of certain dreams are designed to have a corresponding stimulation experienced by the reader. Also one series of dreams and dreamlike reveries, with excellent similarities and differences, deepens characterization, strengthens the plot line, and moves the story forward.

Por Carmen J. By Philip P. Findings of other countries indicate subtle forms of racism through the denial of racial discrimination and negative presentation of minorities. An analysis was completed to uncover the race-related ideologies that exist in Uruguay as manifested by discourse. The general denial of racism as well as the specific ideology of racial democracy were overarching themes in the current analysis, revealing that despite popular discourse of equal race relations, racism is constructed and reproduced through discursive practices.

This study reports on new production data from Buenos Aires Spanish to explore the effect of place of articulation on the extent to which stops in lenition contexts will weaken. The results show that the labial is realized as the least weakened variant statistically significantly more often than the dentals and velars.

Higher social groups, however, do not seem to stigmatize either form, suggesting that higher strata speakers are able to access the covert prestige benefits of the salient pronominal form in a way that lower class speakers are not. By Carol A. Ready, University of Minnesota. Variation of the vowel system has also been reported in studies of heritage Spanish Boomershine, ; Ronquest, The current study examines Mexican heritage Spanish i.

Both early bilinguals and late bilinguals show a constricted back vowel space and a wider front vowel space in cognate and non-cognate words. Vowels in cognate words showed significantly more centralization than those in non-cognate words. Using moral cognitive frames, participants of language ideological debates attempt to explain abstract notions about language through conceptual metaphors Watts, Metaphorical mappings allow participants to make sense of linguistic abstractions within moral, familiar terms.

These metaphorical uses construct knowledge collectively Jenkins, , contributing to the formation of knowledge as a unified understanding of a shared linguistic reality, reconstructed as unique perspective and truth. By Dina L. Rivera, University of Connecticut.


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