Secondly, WAY too much swearing. These zombies do not aimlessly walk around craving flesh as we are use to seeing and reading about. I would definitely recomment this to any horror fans. I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book.

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The narrator and the fate of most of the female characters. I also loved the ending, which turned off a few reviewers as well. Books and Audiobooks — Brian Keene Brian Keene born September 22, [1] is an American author and podcaster, primarily known for his work in horrordark fantasycrime fiction azlamiento, and comic books. The Rising First edition cover. The details of how kewne demons posses the dead human body are intricate without being confusing.

These zombies do not aimlessly walk around craving flesh as we are use to seeing and reading about. A prolific public speaker, Keene has delivered talks at conventions, college alzmiento, theaters, and inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, VA. Where the hell do I sign up? Time and time again, the characters run into people who have gone from normal to people to mustache twirling evil in the few months since the dead started to walk.

Despite its too-frequent dips into mawkish sentimentality and general corniness, this is a fast-paced, exciting, and at-times surprisingly heartless page-turner. I can not believe its been ten years already.

Preview — The Rising by Brian Keene. I know my husband would hate it. Keene also oversees Maelstrom, his own small press publishing imprint specializing in collectible limited editions, via Thunderstorm Books. View all 31 comments. One of them preps for Y2K with a backyard bunker that he builds at great expense I read some good reviews of this so thought Kkeene try it.

Of keenf one knows that eventually all leene characters will meet and either save the day, become part of the problem or die trying. You almost lost me there. Maybe the fellow in the forums that mentioned this book as being good was a 7 year old?

He voices each character well, providing enough subtle distinction and occasional accents or tones that each line of dialogue is unique to each speaker.

That friendship was nice and helped the less developed character reach many of his character goals. Too many idiocies to list. I learned you have to enjoy the story as told by the author and know that they probably would want to write it lots of different ways but ep have so much time to finish. Man, this guy had a fairly large cast for such a short novel, but in no way did I find switching from one character set to another slow up the story at all.

Brian Keene Moreover, Keene appears uncertain as to the extent of the epidemic. View all 5 comments. The author pretty much put everyone a 3. Annoyingly poor editing aside, this was a fantastic read. Yes, they are dead and rotting, but they are also possessed of a keen and burning intelligence. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Nothing stays dead for long. Swarms of zombie birds are nothing to scoff at, not even in a helicopter.

Sincehe has been in a romantic relationship with fellow author Mary SanGiovanni. Sep 01, Pam rated it did not like it. In addition to his own original work, Keene has written for media properties such as Doctor Who, Hellboy, Masters of the Universe, and Superman. And, after they gorge on their victims, the unfortunate souls rise to join their ranks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Miraculous rescue once, sure. Related Articles.



Tumuro The narrator and the fate of most of the female characters. Really I only need to give you a few examples of things that happen in thi Oh dear. The characters were for the most part very real, engaging, and the type of people the reader cares about. Sep 09, Andrew Lennon rated it really liked it. El alzamiento — Brian Keene — Google Books In the final chapter all the main characters meet which results in a scene of extreme violence providing a cliffhanger conclusion that raises more questions than answers.



He gives us more in other short stories as well. Typical in the zombies-are-outnumbering-us kind of formula, but very untypical in the nature of the zombies. When reading about the coming zombie apocalypse, I really want to rl something original. When a person shuffles off their mortal coil and their soul escapes the confines of the flesh and blood, a Siquissim takes its place. Best idea, blow its fucking head off before it turns and stick it on the barbecue.


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