Shelves: urban-planning , abandoned Not what I was looking for. I could see my mistake from the first chapter, when I suffered through pages of doomsday philosophy about peak oil and people "worshipping at the altar of diversion from nature" television and so on. That rhetoric puts me on the defensive, makes me approach this book and its recommendations with more skepticism than the ideas deserve. I ended up skimming the rest of the book for the drawings and their attached captions, largely ignoring the main text. The drawings are well-done and illustrate interesting concepts for architecture and city design.

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Please include your email address in the order form. So if we are to address the problems of environmental deterioration and peak oil adequately, the city has to be a major focus of attention.

Further, that the ecocity within its bioregion is comprehensible and do-able, and can produce a healthy and potentially happy future. EcoCitiesdescribes the place of the city in evolution, nature and history. It pays special attention to the key question of accessibility and transportation, and outlines design principles for the ecocity.

The reader is encouraged to plunge in to its economics and politics: the kinds of businesses, planning and leadership required. The book then outlines the tools by which a gradual transition to the ecocity could be accomplished. The founder of Urban Ecology and Ecocity Builders, he convened the first International Ecocity Conference in , lectures around the world, and has authored two previous books, as well as an earlier edition of EcoCities.

EcoCities needs to be read not only for its intellectual contribution to future city developmet, but also for how it speaks to the heart about the true meaning of the city.

We have to win, and the author explains how. His hard-hitting solutions are on a scale commensurate with the problem. Read it and work quickly to implement his many suggestions if you want a tolerable planet upon which to house your home. You will wander along streets flanked by clear streams and flowering shrubs where there is no polluting traffic, or traverse bridges linking gardens and fruit trees many stories above the ground.

Yet this is no half-baked dream, but rather a reality based on technologies, architectural designs and functioning buildings that actually exist in several places around the globe, and concepts that have been approved by down-to-earth city planners.

A copy of EcoCities should be in every school library. The section on Berkeley illustrates the ideas with concrete examples of changes in planning, architecture, policy, and citizen action. This book is basic information for anyone interested in ecocities or the work of Ecocity Builders. Highly recommended. It includes examples of design, planning, appropriate technology, and social and environmental activism in contemporary Africa and around the world.


Ecocities : rebuilding cities in balance with nature



EcoCities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature


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