This is not a complete archive, time didnt allot us the opportunity to properly backup the majority of the boards deemed expendable. Creating a Custom Navigation Bar exprot Drivers can work one day, and suddenly stop working the next day, for a variety of reasons. Complete the following steps: But the main feature of C1Pdf is ease of use. A non-visual component that hosts report definition files created with the C1Report Designer.

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Represents a button control that displays a hyperlink. When clicked, the HyperlinkButton enables users to move to a Web page in the same Web application or a Web page that is external to the current application.

Represents a button that raises its click event repeatedly from when the button is pressed until it is released. Represents a control that a user can select or clear. A check box optionally offers an, indeterminate state. Displays a drop-down list of items a user can select from. Displays a list of items a user can select by clicking.

Allows a user to select a single option from a list of options. When radio buttons are grouped together they are mutually exclusive. Represents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a Thumb control along a track. Allows a user to select a date from a visual calendar display. The calendar can be used on its own or in combination with the DatePicker control.

Allows a user to select a date by typing it in a text field or selecting it from a drop-down calendar control. Displays small amounts of read-only text. Displays the current progress of an operation to the user. Represents a control that provides a text box for user input and a drop-down that contains possible matches based on the input in the text box.

Provides a control that allows the user to enter sensitive data, such as a password. Provides a control for displaying or editing text. Displays a collection of data in rows and columns. You can change the type of row or column to fit the needs of your application. Provides a user interface for paging through a collection of data that implements IPagedCollectionView. Displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.

Displays an image. Enables users to open a multi-resolution image which can be scaled or repositioned for detail viewing. Hosts audio or video content. Provides a rectangular region that can display video on its surface, or play audio if no video is present. Provides a drawing surface to support Tablet PC features. Provides a border, background, or both to another control. Provides a surface to display child elements at specific coordinates in the canvas. Represents a control with a single piece of content.

Provides a surface composed of rows and columns to display child elements. You define the rows and columns for a grid, than assign objects to a specific row or column in the grid. Allows a user to resize the columns or rows in a Grid control. Provides a surface to display child elements in a line; either horizontally or vertically. Provides a stack panel control that arranges content that is visible on the screen, creating additional UI items as needed.

Represents a control that provides a scroll bar that has a sliding Thumb whose position corresponds to a value. Provides a scrollable surface for displaying a child element.

Provides a tabbed interface for displaying elements. Child elements are hosted in a TabItem. Displays a description and tracks error state for an associated control. Displays a caption, required field indicator, and validation error indicator for an associated control.

Provides the user with information about an element in the UI using a popup window. Displays a summary of the validation errors on a form. Supports navigation to Page controls. Encapsulates content that can be navigated to by a Frame. Enables the user to select one or more files from the file system.

Enables the user to specify options for saving a file. Provides a window that can be displayed over a parent window and blocks interaction with the parent window. Overlays content on top of the existing content within the bounds of the Silverlight plug-in. CarouselControl is high level effect control. It can be used to present a set of items on a page: images, text and arbitrary controls.

CarouselControl descends from ItemsControl, supports data binding and conatainer styles. Wipe control is content control which encapsulates WipeEffect. Slide show control allows you to create slide shows out of children items added to the control.

Items can be added as children to the slide show panel and they are shown one by one with some transition effect. Effects represent primitive animations that can be combined together in sequence or in parallel thus forming complex animation chain. Animations are based on easily configurable patterns and fully support tweens. Tweens are special nonliner animation effects which can be used to create cool animations. There are several tween functions available to be used inside xaml code, effect controls and inside procedurally defined effects.

Flip control encapsulates FlipItemsEffect and can be used to create 3D flip effect for two items. FirstItem property can be used to specify front page item.

SecondItem property can be used to specify back page item. Call FadeIn method to start fade in animation. Call FadeOut method to start fade out animation. StartPoint and EndPoint properties are used to specify flash light direction. Call FlashForward method to start forward flash light animation. Call FlashBackward method to start backward flash light animation. Automatically organize your UI and optimize the use of screen real-estate.

Present UIElement objects as if they were pages in a regular paper book. Show two elements at a time, add shadows, and more. Easily add professional-grade charts to your Silverlight apps. Select from popular chart types: bar, column, line, area, pie, and more. Select colors from professionally-designed palettes or build your own custom colors including support for transparency. Full-featured combo box control that combines an editable text box with an auto-searchable drop-down list.

Display animated, 3D items in your Silverlight apps. Present information using a 3D metaphor. Put UIElement objects to faces on a cube, and then rotate the cube to show one element at a time. NET developers. Robust grid for rich data visualization in Silverlight. Easily to display, edit, and analyze tabular data. Exchange date and time information. Provides support for drag-and-drop operations in Silverlight apps. Provides the ability to expand and contract the content panel.

Allows you to select files to upload in your Silverlight apps. Generate rich dashboard-style apps for Silverlight. Select from a rich group of linear, radial, and knob type gauge controls.

Easily layout and display blocks of content with a header bar and a content panel. Interactive panel with zoom effects for Silverlight. Place any elements in the panel to achieve carousel-like effects. Add attractive visuals with minimal effort. Add a magnifying glass over regular images, allowing endusers to zoom in on parts of the image that contain interesting details. Control the flow and positioning of the content on your Silverlight app. Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates.

And superimpose your own custom elements to the maps. Validate input in your Silverlight apps with a masked textbox. Provides a player that runs media, video or audio, using Silverlight. Add a complete menu system to your Silverlight app. Generate enhanced message boxes in your Silverlight apps. Display a message to the end-user and optionally ask a simple question.


ComponentArt Data Visualization 2010 for Silverlight 10.2

Now I feel like all other developers trying to keep up with the technologies we are releasing. I expport sure that for Microsoft developers Windows Phone 7 clmponentart a new opportunity to get out in the marketplace with your XAML skills and get recognized paid for your work! Troubleshooting Silverlight Data Access. Just a quick shout-out to congratulate the latest Silverlight MVPs to the program. Tom Walls 88 1 8.


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