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So she wanted Jan,her husband and Josef,father to go for Christmas travel. She met a man who alike Jan and involved in a traffic accident. Then the secret why Josef is afraid of Prague is revealed This story is sad at first,but happy ending,so I moved. You can learn history and the importance of family!

I think everyone should thank to have family. His name is Josef. They are talking about Prague,since she wants to go there for Christmas. You know everything about your family? Most people do not know. All families have secrets I thought it was a very moving story.

While I was reading this book to focus on this story. And I consider after reading this book. I really enjoy,so I read once. Ther is a man. The man is a harpist. One day,he usually played the harp in a concert hall. At the same time, his wife was about to go the hall. Finally,she found a man who looked like her husband, but she was hit by bus. I thought this story is very interesting.

This story made me happy. A man who is a harpist played the harp in a concert. When his wife went to the hall, she found a man who looked like her husband but she was hit a bus.

I read this book, I thought It was miracle. I was surprised that his secret. I like this book. Because she happened to see Jan who should not have been in Prague. But he was not her husband I can learn the background of a history too. I think this is a good book. The start is a little sad because one womam was killed by the war. This book tells us importance of family. I hope that there is no war all over the world earnestly. I like this ending. However, she was involved in a traffic accident.

And then she knew a secret fact about her husband and his family. I tought this story is little sad and dark. After I finished reading I feel tired,but this book is easy toread for me.

I thought family is very important. And I like the ending of this book. Sha want to go Prague with them for Christmas. She saw Jon who cannot be in Prague.

But it is not Jane who is there indeed. It is easy for me to read, because the story is simple and the illustration is good to understand. Secrets is very serious and important,but finally they are happy. I like this story. She is a harpist,so she went to Prague for the concert. However,she involved in a traffic accident. This story is moving. However,I can unravel many mysteries after reading. The orchestra that is joined Carol, to perform a concert in Prague on Christmas so they go to Prague.

But,while Joseph wanted to visit Prague , he afraid of Prague However, the end result is pretty good. I think this story is solid story,but this story is interesting. Carol meets a man who is alike Jan. And Josef talks about a secret his family to them.

On the way, I think this story is serious and sad story. But finally, it has a peaceful ending. It is easy to read for me. He knows nothing his mother because Josef never talks about her.

One day they are going to go Prague where he was born. But there are family secrets waiting for them in Prague. This book is not so interesting. But the atomosphere of this book is good. This christmas is nice. The orchestra decided to do concert in Prague. Her husband Jan and his father Josef decided to go prague, but Josef showed little enthusiasm for going there. Carol went Prague earlier than they did,but she watched Joe!!

I could read this book without boring. I was looking forward to coming next case. Each person had some detail information, at last I could feel bitter feelings , but also beautiful ones. Jan has never seen his mother because his father only said that she died in the past. Oneday,when she went to Prague where Jan was born to participate in the concert,she saw a man whose face was same with her husband.

However,I foud it gradually that this family has a problem. I read this book soon because it is very interesting. They were killed by shoot the gun. Second it writtenabout one family. Caral is a hapist and she want her husband ande his father to come to her concert. One day She saw her husband but unfortunarty she had a car accident. Before I read this book, I think this story maybe happy warming story, but it wrong. In addition, I was surprised because first story and second story was related.

This story make me sad and happy.


christmas in prague de hannam joyce



Book of the Week: Christmas in Prague by Joyce Hannam


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