You would think that after 9 or so books in the series, each of which contains information on not only what has gone before but the whole setup of everything, I would remember. So it goes. The book begins with Dyhianna beginning to, for lack of a better term, coalesce into the "real" world, fading in and out of reality, on the moon Opalite. She is found by a local, who believes she is one of the Traders, and thus takes her prisoner.

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She also teaches a gifted program in math and science at the Yang Academy in Gaithersburg, Maryland. After she graduated, her undergraduate students took over Mainly Jazz and made it into a club at the college. Saga of the Skolian Empire series[ edit ] Main article: Saga of the Skolian Empire The Saga of the Skolian Empire, informally called the Skolian Saga, is a series of science fiction novels, novelettes and novellas revolving around characters from an interstellar empire known as the Skolian Empire and their power struggle with the rival Eubian Concord.

The plot of the book unfolds over several generations of characters and revolves around political intrigues, but also contains subplots regarding romance , physics , bio-enhancements , and virtual computer networks.

Mathematical fiction and hard science fiction[ edit ] Asaro is known as a hard science fiction writer for the scientific depth of her work. The amount of science varies from book to book, with novels such as Primary Inversion , The Radiant Seas , and Spherical Harmonic on the most scientifically dense end of the spectrum, including elements such as equations and diagrams of quantum mechanical wave functions and Klein bottles. Stanley Schmidt , the long time editor of Analog magazine, wrote that Primary Inversion is "an impressive first novel; not just a good story, but the kind of speculation we too seldom see — really new science that just might be possible.

The method of space travel used in the Skolian Empire books comes from a paper Asaro wrote on complex variables and special relativity that appeared in the American Journal of Physics.

In the anthology Aurora in Four Voices which includes the novella of the same name , Asaro describes the mathematical basis of several stories in the anthology, including the use of Fourier transforms, Riemann sheets , and complex numbers in "The SpaceTime Pool.

The novel tells the story of Del-Kurj, a Ruby Dynasty prince who would rather be a rock singer than sit on the throne. The lyrics to the songs appear in the novel Diamond Star and were the inspiration for the CD.

Ani wrote most of the music for the CD, and Asaro wrote most of the lyrics, as well as music for three songs. Ani also contributed three original compositions, both music and lyrics. Most of the vocals are by Ani, with a few by Asaro. The CD has twelve songs, eleven originals and a cover of " Sound of Silence.


Spherical Harmonic

Catherine Asaro is an American scientist and scholar who also writes science fiction and fantasy. Asaro is best known for the Saga of the Skolian Empire novels. If anything, Catherine has shown an uncanny ability to use her doctorate to bring a grounded edge to the arena of science fiction and fantasy. The author was born in in Oakland, California, though most of her childhood was spent in El Cerrito. The author has made effective use of her skills in the education sector.


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As a child, Dyhianna Selei created a transformation, just a mathematical construct, mapping the real world into an abstract space of "thoughts" whatever that means spanned by an infinite set of spherical harmonic eigenfunctions. As an adult, she finds herself transported into that space which she thought of as a theoretical construct and finds that it is inhabited by monsters, people, danger and intrigue. Asaro, who has degrees in physics and chemistry, includes discussion of the spherical harmonic functions both as part of the story and in non-fictional appendices. So, let me say a little bit about what these functions are. A less obvious fact is that whatever function f x you think of that has the property in the first sentence, it can be made as a sum perhaps an infinite sum of multiples of functions of the form sin nx over all positive integers n.


Catherine Asaro


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