Even when running all 20 filters on a channel the overall impact it has on the sound is negligible. Feature: The FBQ elimination features are nice and easy to manage. The use of this unit as a parametric EQ is just plain silly, however, due to reasons listed in "ease of use" below. Learn mode and autolearn mode are horrendously hard on your speakers because they have to really be ringing for the system to tag it as feedback and suppress it. I had to wear earplugs the first time I let the system learn by itself as it was screaming before suppression kicked in.

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It actually contains 2 x 20 filters paramtriques numriques 20 per channel that are either paramtrs manuallement or automatically be a part manually and the other automatically.

I use it occasionally for 2 years as an insert on two tracks on my micro mixer to monitor the wireless microphones that I entrust novices. It fills out its rev rle corrector paramtrique if the filters RULES advance in manual or learn, but the acoustics of a room changes with the arrival of public and feedback-detection live leaves DSIR! Be careful though accumulation: too many filters active at the same time end up PForm sound. Prfrer the insertion of output or insert back on mic channels; insert output facade permitted!

Prfrer compressor rgl well. It can probably save a few db on returns scnes but not transcendent! A good manual rglage qualiseur and choice of speakers DDIS to return would probably be more effective.

There is the mode "Learn" mode or "Panic" In "Learn" sends test signals for the purpose of a cause of feedback and corrects the sound to avoid it. This method works perfectly well. Mode "Panic" just does not work.


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We find out whether it is The FBQ is the latest model from Behringer and represents a higher-tech approach to the art of feedback suppression — but still keeping within the realms of budget gear. This device, which works either in stereo or as two independent channels, functions as an automatic feedback eliminator and also as a manually operated digital equaliser. It does look slightly strange to me straight out of the box, but overall the styling is neat and businesslike. There are three MIDI connectors, too — In, Out and Thru — which are used to receive, pass and transmit various control instructions and may also be used for future operating-system updates. As with all Behringer gear, the mains power supply is internal and can accept anything from V to V, at either 50Hz or 60Hz.


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