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Additionally, we have managed to improve its audio properties even further—in combination with a revised circuit design. To give you the best operational reliability possible, we manufacture our products in accordance with the highest quality standards known in the industry. Hiss noise on vocal tracks often contains high levels, giving the signals a rather edgy, unpleasant sound. The de-esser responds to those frequency ranges in which hiss noise usually occurs and limits the overall signal level as soon as the audio signal is affected by excessive energy density in this range.

Unlike equalizers, however, it does not impair the frequency response of the signal. In this way, intelligibility in low-level passages is perfectly preserved, and you can even boost the treble range with a good equalizer.

The sound becomes transparent and fresh, while the de-esser prevents hiss noise from becoming too dominant and disturbing the overall sound image. Low-frequency instruments usually produce the highest signal energy and hence make the compressor reduce the overall level. The dynamic enhancer provides the solution to this problem, enabling you to make up specifically for the compression-induced loss of treble energy.

Since the enhancer can detect the amount of compression applied, it does not change the sound image as long as the signals remain uncompressed. No treble energy is lost, even when complex mix-down material is processed. All that remains is the advantage of tube technology: its distinctive sound! IRC Interactive Ratio Control Expander A fundamental problem when using a compressor is the fact that the basic noise floor depends on the amount of compression applied, i.

The result is an expander that can be set quickly and easily, and does not cut off low-level wanted signals e. The clipper comes in as soon as an adjustable threshold is exceeded and abruptly limits the signal gain. However, if the limiter threshold is exceeded for longer than a few milliseconds, the ICG circuit is activated automatically and reduces the gain of the overall output signal, so that audible distor-tion is eliminated program limiter. When the signal drops below threshold again, its level is restored to its original value after about one second.

This IGC feature is an extremely usefull tool for both live applications e.


Behringer Autocom Pro-xl MDX1600 2-channel Compressor



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Behringer AUTOCOM PRO-XL MDX1600 User Manual



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