In addition to most of what Dr. Never mind that Horn also shoehorned some of the pagan data to make it fit his own Apollyon rising theory. I did think that the preface in the book by Christian J. Pinto was very good.

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In addition to most of what Dr. Never mind that Horn also shoehorned some of the pagan data to make it fit his own Apollyon rising theory. I did think that the preface in the book by Christian J. Pinto was very good. However, this preface by Pinto does seem to document the case that many of our forefathers and the founding of this country were heavily influenced by Freemasonry.

I think if one has expectations to find double hidden occult meanings in speeches by George Bush or most anyone, conspiratorial theorists probably will be able to find fitting candidates. Later in the book Horn does the same thing with President Obama.

I am not saying that what Tom Horn conjectured about our presidents is necessarily wrong but even Tom Horn cannot be sure he is right about Bush or Obama choosing certain words or phrases for occult purposes. It even could be that some writer is being paid off by a conspiratorial writer to use certain words. Hey, it sells books. Perhaps the ghost of a former Mason president haunts the White House and gets modern presidents to say things with masonic meanings?

I could go on, but the point is that coming up with conjectures for the use of certain words in a speech is easy, coming up with proof that there was actually intended double meanings by the speaker is difficult. I also saw in the first chapter that Horn had his own interpretation of the Iraq war and he even backed it up with scripture that had nothing to do with that Iraq war at all.

After reading what he had to say on Bush and the war, I realized that Horn is one of those people who shoehorns brief biblical verses any which way that he wants to make it seem like scripture is supporting what he says. One of the major problems with the whole book is that he attempts to interpret scripture through non-scripture. I would venture to say Horn did not leave a note unturned while blasting through ancient extra-biblical sources to try to support his strange conjectures.

For example, the book conveys the idea that pagan humans can bind and loose demons who the book claims are the spirits of 72 rebellious angels. The book gives the false belief that pagan humans can bind or loose demonic angelic beings through ritual, words, numbers, symbols etc. Are we to believe that human sorcery actually makes angels dance on the head of a pin? I am sure that pagan sorcerers or witch doctors would like to believe that they gain power over the spirits but I do not see that concept in scripture.

Scripture and logic teaches quite the opposite. Unregenerate humans are like earth worms or natural beasts and when they get into the occult they can be manipulated or possessed by supernatural lying spirits. It seems to me that Horn has the cart before the horse. The angels have the supernatural power. Natural humans do not have power over the supernatural. The thinking of those into the occult seems to be that man can control the spiritual realm.

That is why the so-called illuminated or high degree Freemasons put meanings on rituals, symbols and everything else. Nevertheless, they are in error. Natural man has no control over the angels apart from the power given to those that are in Christ Jesus. The book of Revelation clearly says that there will be war in Heaven and Satan and his angels will be booted out of the heavens unto the earth by other angels that are following God.

Then woe to the people living on the earth because Satan will know he has only a short time to deceive humans into taking part in his rebellion against God. Horn conveys the erroneous belief that man is the powerful being and the fallen angels are just waiting for man to come up with some occult method to loose them from their bondage, but Revelation says quite the opposite.

When Satan and his angels find themselves confined to the earth they will control humans through supernatural forces out of the abyss or bottomless pit. Apollyon is the king and angel that rules the abyss. When the hindrance is taken out of the way, Apollyon is allowed to unleash demonic beings out of the abyss to torment and control humans Rev 9: , Rev , Rev Horn makes another big time fundamental error in Christian thinking in his theory.

He seems to think that Satan is in control of the timing of the Antichrist. He obviously thinks that by knowing what the elite occult are planning that you can know the time of the coming of the Antichrist. However Satan cannot determine the time of the end of this Age of Grace. Only the Father knows when that will happen.

It is not logical that Freemasons living hundreds of years ago would be setting up the sorcery to bring up the gods for people living hundreds of years in the future. I am sure most of these elite Freemasons thought that their occultism would bring in the new age or new world order in their own time. For hundreds of years their expectations did not happen so the Freemason expectations keep getting kicked further down the road. Satan may have an agenda somewhat like Horn implies but Satan is not in control of the timing of it, and neither are the Freemasons.

The date that Thomas Horn came up with comes from what appears to be shoehorned data. Horn obviously thinks the Antichrist will rise in America but much of his theory is founded on Masonic occultism and Mayan conjecture rather than the Bible. Anyone can look for things to fit their date theory and cherry pick data to support it. We see that in all date setting schemes. Horn claims that demonic angels will arise and pose as gods.

I do not disagree with that view. I think Horn might even be correct here about who the Antichrist will claim to be. Nevertheless, Apollyon in the Bible does not mean Apollo even though the word sounds like it. Apollyon really means destruction or the destroyer. I do think that it is quite likely that when Satan is cast out of Heaven with his angels that they will claim to be these ancient mythological gods or Alien beings. We are set up for this deception with mythology and UFO-ology.

I also think that it is likely that they will offer humans the means to change their DNA if they take the mark. They would be in the image of the Beast and of their father the devil and that is why nobody that takes the mark can be saved. So I agree with Horn on the general end time concept of angels posing as gods but not on the timing. So they moved a copy of their occultism here but the seat of power of this mystery religion still is in Europe.

Even Thomas Horn makes the Roman Vatican connection. The main demonic occultism has been entrenched in Rome. Horn spends a whole chapter expounding on actions and words of Obama as if he may be the Antichrist. However, like many satanic world leaders set up before him, Obama will not meet the expectations of elitists. I think they are now looking for someone else. By the way, all promoted by the demonic controlled world elite will fail until God allows the Son of Perdition to rise.

Thomas Horn clearly said in this book that will either be the start of the tribulation or the start of the great tribulation. He will be proven wrong on both counts. Had the last seven years started in we would be aware of the two prophets so that is already proven wrong. If the final seven years starts in , with all that remains to be fulfilled I will gladly eat his book in front of Jesus. This is not a book that I could recommend for most. It certainly is not for those not well grounded in the Bible.

I can see them going directly from this book into end time conspiracy sites and being further mislead. I think the last chapter that covers his dating scheme for is about as reliable as the Harold Camping formulas. The only Bible based views on the timing that are not based on smoke and mirrors is the 70 year generation from the contemporary classic erroneous interpretation of the fig tree parable.

Horn also liked to quote the late J. Church as a supporting authority but J. Church was also into certain date setting. Each of the first one hundred psalms was said to be a description of what happened or would happen in that particular year in the 20th century.

Like I said, cherry picking is the universal truth of all date setting schemes. Of course Horn says he is not a date setter. I am sure that Horn will emphasize that more in the future when comes and goes without Apollyon rising? I actually liked the book because it was thought-provoking and It did have some useful information.

Horn obviously does a lot of research even if he sometimes shoehorns the information that he finds. The book does give inquiring minds information about mythologies and ancient pagan practices and worship and the book give a lot of information about Freemasonry in the United States.

There is much more said in this book that I cannot cover here. I think some of the book is convoluted and not worth the effort to sort it out.

Read Dr. The bottom line that I want to convey is that I think quite a bit of Apollyon Rising is Horn hornswoggling those that are looking for an immediate Antichrist. The question might be solved in the big prophetic picture. Many people are interested in things to come in these last days but some say it is a waste of time to teach on these things at all since interpretations of bible prophecy can be somewhat subjective.

However, I assure you that if the Church does not teach on Bible prophecy people will go to […] The Mahdi Antichrist is delayed his head got stuck in the well. Some Bible prophecy teachers and their disciples are looking for some Islamic Antichrist to appear in and most of them think it will be the Islamic 12th Imam Mahdi figure that Shia religious lore says will ascend out of a well.

I think this Antichrist figure should be getting a swelled head by now […] The cult: End of the world hysteria and deception from Satan Here are a couple of good articles for people that are part of, promoting, or want to know more about the rapidly growing cult that is fueling end of the world hysteria. Take a chill pill, the world will not end in in spite of Pagan Mayan, Mahdi, Planet X speculations. Think the date setters are not having a negative effect on many in the Church?

Obviously this speculation based mostly on Mayan ages and a Mahdi coming out of well is attracting many followers. H E […]


Apollyon is not Rising in 2012. You are being Hornswoggled.

Shelves: prophecy If you are just starting to research things of this nature, this may or may not be the best first book to pick up. Horn assumes the reader knows a lot of the material he is covering already. Assumed also is a good understanding of OT Biblical history and prophesy. Nonetheless, I found this book such a pleasant read and very confirming in many aspects of my own research.

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Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed




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