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Divorce is frequently due to a sexual problem or severe conflict of opinions. Money is the second most likely cause.

Family concerns usually revolve around maintaining family cohesion despite severe external problems. Alternatively, the problems that result from the alienation of family affection.

Parents, siblings, in-laws, children, grandchildren and other extended family are all possibly sources of conflict. Because of the structure of Western society, money is important and necessary to live. Because of the structure of human society and, in part to our genetic makeup, men are the principle bread-winners in a family.

Women are now by far more independent financially than they were prior to the second half of the twentieth century but, despite this, it is not uncommon for a woman to give up her career to develop her family and home life or to at least be emotionally conflicted as to whether or not to do so.

Parents and grandparents, understandably, worry about their children. It is not uncommon for them to wear jewelry with multiple colored stones representing the birthmonth of each child or grandchild. Their problems are principally caused by a lack of money.

Men are frequently impatient in this regard. They seek out, more often than not, immediate gratification. They desire the things that money can procure children and her love life, in that order. Again, the concern for children might very well be the hopeful and eventual anticipation of children and not actual children. The pressure to produce children in Western society is very great especially for women of a certain age. Conflicts with a career add to this pressure.

The spectator is concerned for either his own health or that of someone close to him. A perceptive mentalist can even distinguish between symptoms of some 8 diseases and disorders pg. If the spectator is not concerned about his own health, chances are that he is concerned about someone in his family, probably his parents.

If the spectator is past a certain age, his parents are most probably not alive any longer and is therefore Many people, and certainly most women and the elderly, complain about their health with or without cause. Catering to their concerns, even if completely delusional, will help you with your performance. Men are required by society to have a job, be successful in their career, to be generous with their earnings and to provide for their partner and family.

Ambitiousness is certainly a male trait and so is a preoccupation with independence and financial concerns. Men are generally less concerned with their own health, both physical and emotional.

Friendships are very important for men. In many cases, male friendships are by far more emotionally intense than are many marriages. Women principally want love, affection, children and a home. Having achieved these goals, they frequently want to expand their lives financially i. Most women complain about their health whether from imaginary or real causes. They trust their intuition more often then men in their general life. They are more trusting and gullible than are men. More women believe in psychic phenomenon than do men.

This is partly because women are more comfortable with their emotions, less secure and more at ease seeking out people in whom they can confide. Women tend to dwell on the past more so than do men. Men are less emotionally demonstrative than women even if they are from cultures and family backgrounds that promote emotional displays.

Men will more quickly reveal their true emotional states and concerns to their male friends before they do so to their wives and girlfriends. Men usually disregard their health until it is too late or nearly too late. None of this is meant to suggest that any particular spectator is somehow trapped in an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage. Love, and all of its permutations, is the principle concern of women. The second most important would be family.

The third is health and finally money. Women enjoy a more developed and exercised emotional life than do men. They can wax fatalistically. Women seek out relationships especially marriage, more often and more easily than do men.

The principle concern of men is money and all of its ramifications. The second most important concern is love followed by family and finally, health.

Though male anxieties largely center on financial concerns, men rarely seek after money for its own sake. More often than not, money is desired because it represents something else including comfortable living, conquest, external validation, prestige, manhood, independence, stability, the ability to support a family, materialism and sex. Women value love, communication and relationships.

Whether they are mothers or not, they seek out opportunities to act "maternally" by helping and nurturing others. Their sense of self is defined by the depth of their emotions and the quality of their relationships. They are fulfilled by developing relationships through sharing and relating their feelings. This is, in general, more important to them than personal power and success. Men will seldom reveal personal weaknesses and will be uncomfortable discussing their problems with others.

Men more easily change the life conditions in which they find themselves than do women. Men forget a past mistake more quickly and rarely become embittered. Men prefer to forge ahead rather than become mired in past events. Women seek out harmony, community, love and cooperation.

Talking and relating to one another is a source of tremendous fulfillment.


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