AP Take students on a picture walk through the book. Point out the bright colors and sharp angles. Point out places in the story such as when the fish eats Anansi where the author depends on illustrations instead of text to explain what is happening. Divide students into pairs. Assign each pair a part in the story. Provide each pair with either a piece of pink or blue construction paper that they can use as their page in the story.

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Shelves: animal-books , african-books , fairy-tales-folktales , summerbook-challenge , gerald-mcdermott , read-in Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti is a Caldecott Honor Book from master storyteller Gerald McDermott and it is about how Anansis six sons try to save Anansi from all kinds of trouble he gets involved in. Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti may have a confusing sentence structure that younger children might not understand, but it is still a great book for people who are fans of Anansi the Spider.

Gerald McDermott has done a brilliant job at both illustrating and writing this story of Anansi and his sons. Gerald McDermott makes this story extremely exciting and intense at the same time as Anansi is put through all sorts of danger and his sons try everything to rescue him.

Parents might want to discuss sentence structures to their children before they read them this book so that children would not be easily confused by the story.

I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the confusing sentence structure will confuse smaller children. It was used as part of an assembly put together by year 4 for Black History Month. Anansi stories are part of an ancient mythology that is rooted in West African folklore and concerns the interaction between divine and semi divine beings; royalty, humans, animals, plants and seemingly inanimate objects. These stories have and continue to provide a moral foundation for the community in A spectacular set of stories I discovered whilst volunteering as a teaching assistant at a north London school.

These stories have and continue to provide a moral foundation for the community in which these tales have originated. Anansi is a spider, but in many tales he is recognised as a creature who is half man and half spider; his most distinct quality is that of a trickster.

As the main character he often deceives and exploits his fellow creatures for his own benefit. Guinea Fowl. The real joy of discovery the Anansi tales was the manner in which it was presented by the year 4 class with the guidance of the class teacher.

The tales really inspired the children so much that they were engrossed in their tasks of choreographing the poem, learning the routine, creating artwork and even writing the poem. There was voice modulation, audience participation and even some free style dance intertwined perfectly with the story. A never forgetting experience and an absolute crowd pleaser with shouts of once more!


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