Start your review of Algorithmic Architecture Write a review Jan 05, Johnjbrantley rated it really liked it I am about halfway through this book and am betting that the best is to come. The author seems to have a good grasp of computational and design thinking and how to integrate the two. So far, he has offered some pretty solid and common sense advice on how to go about it. Maybe I like this book because I have similar opinions and interests as the author.

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Kostas Terzidis Why does the word design owe its origin to Latin and not Greek roots? Where do the limits of the human mind lie? How does ambiguity enter the deterministic world of computation? Who was Parmenides and why is his philosophy still puzzling today? This unique volume challenges the reader to tackle all these complex questions and more. Algorithmic Architecture is not a typical theory-based architectural book; it is not a computer programming or language tutorial book either.

It contains a series of provocative design projects, and yet it is not just a design or graphic art book per se. Following the tradition of architecture as a conglomeration of various design fields - engineering, theory, art, and recently, computation - the challenge of this book is to present a concept that, like architecture, is a unifying theme for many diverse disciplines.

An algorithm is not only a step-by-step problem-solving procedure, a series of lines of computer codes or a mechanistic linguistic expression, but is also an ontological construct with deep philosophical, social, design, and artistic repercussions. Consequently, this book presents many, various and often seemingly disparate points of view that lead to the establishment of one common theme; algorithmic architecture.


Algorithmic architecture

Though this presents a false-fork, it does caricature two sides of an imbalanced debate…a debate that Algorithmic Architecture enters into in an odd way. Algorithmic Architecture is a strange book. I want to be clear: I am not opposed to strange books. Flatland is a strange book. All three books are riddled with paradox and contradiction. However, whereas the later two classic works of fiction approach abstraction in a lively and poetic manner — sometimes morphing contradiction into fleeting insight — Algorithmic Architecture contradicts itself in much more confounding fashion… Let me first say that the structure of Algorithmic Architecture is truly eclectic. At the outset, he presents many structural supports on which to frame his argument, but little actual architecture.


Algorithmic Architecture


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