The Innovative Delivery Model Collaborative IDMC was formed last year to foster open and consistent dialogue between AACVPR leaders, industry partners, and other professional stakeholders about the challenges, opportunities, and approaches to the real world implementation of innovative delivery models. Huge thanks to Dr. Todd Brown for leading this effort and to the IDMC members and industry partners for their participation. I wanted to update you on what AACVPR is doing to support and promote the utilization of home-based cardiac rehabilitation. First, I think it is important to point out that traditional, center-based cardiac rehabilitation has decades of clinical trial and observational data supporting its efficacy and has received a Class I highest possible level recommendation in numerous American College of Cardiology ACC and American Heart Association AHA clinical practice guidelines. However, we recognize that despite these data, only a minority of eligible patients attend even one session of center-based cardiac rehabilitation, and even fewer complete the total number of prescribed sessions.

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Click here to reset your password Did you know? As healthcare systems begin to emphasize chronic disease management, make sure your profession is heard. Our growing network currently encompasses more than 12, patient records and active CR programs across 41 states. How to subscribe Put your program at the forefront of cardiac rehabilitation The AACVPR Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry is a unique and powerful tool for tracking patient outcomes and program performance in meeting evidence-based guidelines for secondary prevention of heart and vascular disease.

By assisting in the collection, management, and interpretation of outcomes data, the registry can help your program enhance patient care, improve quality of life, and increase support from healthcare partners. Subscribe Drive program improvement and advance the future of your field Track patient outcomes and program performance while building an evidence base for the effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing morbidity, mortality, and disability from cardiovascular disease.

Access program and patient data reports instantly, and benchmark your results against national averages. Implement quality improvement projects based on real data, and enhance documentation for administrators and referring physicians. Influence healthcare policy makers to utilize cardiac rehabilitation, and improve coverage and reimbursement rates for your program. Learn more How your CR program can benefit The AACVPR Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry collects three categories of data, based on the most current practices and sound clinical evidence: Patient demographic information, such as age, ethnicity, and pre-existing comorbid conditions Program performance measures, such as referral rates, enrollment rates, completion rates, and medication compliance Individual patient outcomes, including key clinical, psychosocial, and behavioral measures Through the registry, your program can: Create and manage patient profiles Enter and view outcomes data on enrolled patients in real time Produce individual and grouped outcomes reports Track and quantify progress of your program in meeting performance goals.


AACVPR Paving the Way for Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation



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