Where TO Use 4N35 Optocoupler 4N35 optocoupler can be used for variety of general purpose requirements in electronic circuits. For example you can use it in electronic circuits to save the circuits, ICs and other components from voltage surge or voltage spikes which damages the components. Other than this it can also be used for isolation in electronic circuits. You can also use to detect voltage in AC and DC circuits, at the output of microcontroller Chips, controlling high power transistors, high voltage devices etc. When the output of the device goes high the LED will become switched ON and the IR light with be detected by the photo transistor making it saturated or switched ON hence the collector and emitter pins will become shorted and as a result any wire connected with the pin 4 and 5 will be connected with each other.

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We need to check parameters and Pin configuration carefully before replacing. Replacing without taking voltage, current and frequency parameters may lead to permanent damage. This setup is not feasible as microcontroller is sensitive device. The internal setup of two components can be seen below. The whole issue of radiation will be working under background.

When transistor gets tuned ON the current flows through load circuit and the voltage will be seen across the motor. So the motor stops rotating. Thus the motor stops rotating when the microcontroller input to 4N25 gets LOW.

The resistors here are placed for limiting the currents in the circuit. Make a note the resistance values changed depending on voltages. These delays are the response time delays of 4N This timing only need to be considered when switching frequencies goes beyond 1MHz. When the switching frequency goes higher, we need to take into account the two parameters of 4N25 in order to avoid the errors.

For understanding these parameters consider the circuit above as an example. Here td and ts are in nano second so they are usually neglected. Hence these time delay responses of 4N25 can get stacked leading to major errors. So during high frequencies one needs to take time delays into consideration.


4N35 Optocoupler Pinout, Datasheet, Equivalent & Other information




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