Since that time Nissan has continued to get the innovator in the class; in it absolutely was the initial international company to build trucks in the U. Nissan once more blazed the course with the Frontier Crew Cab a number of-entrance pickup. Ford has also been right there with the Explorer Sports Trac, and today Toyota and Chevrolet have implemented with a number of-doorway compact pickups, the Tacoma and S XE models can come regularly with the 2. With the SC you will get all of it, which includes in. Plus it does, if you make use of creative imagination, as they managed: highly effective and manufacturing, but clean.

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Old, battered, but reliable. The air conditioning does not work anymore, and the brakes are not in fantastic shape. The windshield wiper fluid sprayers do not work anymore either.

The car naturally pulls to the right and I have to consciously counteract this while driving. The seat is comfortable; despite being of a larger build and stature I am able to comfortably drive it. The position of the wheel is adjustable, which is a fantastic feature. The car is very reliable, despite its age, I have never had a breakdown or had to call for a tow truck.

A lot of the frame is very rusty and that has caused a few problems. The power steering and brakes had a leak a month ago but I fixed that. The performance is pretty good. It drives a lot faster than people expect it to. The gas mileage is not great. I get about 10 miles per gallon which is not great for how small the truck is. The bed is also really short. The front seats are very comfortable and the ride is pretty smooth. It handles bumps very well. I like the roof racks.

I think it is a very good looking truck. The four wheel drive works well and it has performed very well off-road. FUN to drive and scoot around town with. I like my Nissan Frontier Crew Cab because it is small enough to bounce around town without having to drive a road hawg. I like the "git-up-and-go" it has even for a V6 engine.

I like the fact that this Nissan Frontier truck qualifies for cheaper automobile insurance. I dislike the gas mileage Within a couple of months it stalled out at an intersection. It was four months until I could get the money together to replace the engine.

Replacement parts were hard to come by. It has broken down again, overheating was a major issue. The coolant was leaking into the head gasket, and into the oil line. I have appreciated how easily I am able to do work on it, and I am not mechanically inclined. It is been a real joy to have since I purchased it in My first was a pick-up, and they are very dependable. I am sold on the older model pickups because I can get in and out of them without a ladder.

It has manual windows, 5 speed manual transmission. The gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired! Not exactly the best mileage out of a vehicle!! It has been very dependable. I have taken many trips in it. It is very comfortable. I can haul things in it. It also has room for 4 or 5 passengers. We have not had any major issues with our truck. It is easy to drive. What else can I say? I like my four door truck! Has surprising power for a four cylinder with over k miles on it.

Low miles, loaded, and runs great. Crew cab loaded with lots of extras. Low miles. Silver with black trim, has front grill guard as well as head and tail light guards. Grey and black leather interior in new condition. Runs great. It now has miles on it and still running smooth. Only major expense was a automatic transmisson rebuild.

My gold , at 83 yrs old , is to last longer than my truck. It has most of the original parts on it, I just had to change water pump and radiator but the engine is still in great shape especially since it has over k miles. As far disliking, i dislike that it is a gas guzzler and it makes noise when i turn the wheel to much.


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