Several of the tracks pair Christmas carols with worship songs for all seasons. It serves essentially the same function as the previous track, so I wonder if maybe they ought to have been separated by a couple of tracks to make that less obvious. The second song emphasizes the reason for our joy; His salvation has come. You could be forgiven for having more of a sense of the latter song than the former. A bridge mentioning the prophetic passages from Isaiah regarding Emmanuel is a nice touch, as are the vocals from a female singer who shares this track with Baloche.

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Based on the recording from the Integrity iWorship! The core parts rhythm, vocals, and brass may be enhanced with the other parts in any combination. The layout and look was very carefully chosen to provide a fresh and relaxed, yet professional look for the player. Rhythm section: The Rhythm part is for the section player pianist, guitarist, or drummer with all the specific rhythms and chords necessary for the arrangement.

The Lead Sheet is a combination rhythm and vocal chart meant for the vocalists, worship leader, or rhythm player needing more vocal cues. When playing with a complete band the pianist would be advised to simplify this part in order to "stay out of the way". When the part is written in unison, the men should sing it down one octave or it may be done as a solo.

This method provides a contemporary sound in an easy-to-learn fashion. Alternate keys: There is at least one alternate key included to accommodate either a keyboard-based band or a guitar-based band, to give the orchestra a more playable key, or to make the vocal range more accessible if necessary.

All endings and repeats are clearly notated to facilitate these impromptu changes. Finally, each instrumental part includes lyric cues to aid the player in keeping their place. Parts included in the PraiseCharts Worship Band Series Lead Sheet — for worship leader and vocalists Rhythm — more detailed chart for keyboard, guitars, and drums. Guitar — modified Rhythm part in appropriate capo keys Core Worship Band instrumental parts written as a section : Trumpet Trumpet 3 doubles Alto Sax Tenor Sax doubles Trombone A note on brass stylings: For most titles, the brass parts should be interpreted with jazz articulations and inflections in mind.

They have been notated very carefully to aid the player in this interpretation. Cymbal, etc Written with core brass.


Christmas Offering



438 Songs by Paul Baloche



Paul Baloche ‘For Unto Us: Christmas Worship Live’


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