Meztishicage American bats of the subfamily Emballonuridae. Voucher specimens presented in collection number column correspond to the oldest specimen recorded in each locality. Annals of the Carnegie Museum Both records represent a northward expansion of the distribution of these species in Brazil. Geographic distribution of Micronycteris schmidtorum sanborn Chiroptera: Notes on a colony of Peropteryx leucoptera Emballonuridae in Brazil. On some rare Amazonian mammals from the collection of the Para Museum. Also, we consulted books and book chapters that deal with the subject.

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The specimens presented diagnostic characteristics of N. A Memorial Volume Honoring Dr. This categorization was different from what we found at national level. We found records of 50 bat species among the records Supplementary Materials and just 42 species according to our criteria for inclusion in the RN list Table 1. Updated compilation of bat species Chiroptera for the Brazilian Amazonia.

Frugivory in bats Mammalia, Chiroptera at the Intervales State Park, Southeastern Brazil Differential habitat use and reproductive patterns of frugivorous bats in tropical dry forest of northwestern Costa Rica. Universidade de Londrina, Londrina, p. On mammals from the lower Amazons in the Goeldi Museum, Para. Stenodermatinae with comparison of direct and indirect surveys of mitochondrial DNA variation. According to the distribution of the bat records, however the central region presented the most evident gap, and bat inventories are encouraged in such area.

Introduction About one-quarter of the Brazilian mammal species are bats Paglia et al. The specimen presented diagnostic characteristics of A. Discovering the Brazilian bat mircegos American bats of the subfamily Emballonuridae. Bat Research News 26 2: A revision of extant Greater Antillean bats of the genus Natalus Chiroptera: Abstract Rio Grande do Norte is one of the smallest states in Brazil but has a rich diversity of ecosystems, including Caatinga vegetation, remnants of Atlantic Forest, coastal habitats, mangroves and large karstic areas with caves.

First record of folivory in Artibeus planirostris Phyllostomidae in the semiarid forest, Brazil. Vertical stratification of bat communities in primary forests of Central Amazon, Brazil. New records, potential distribution, and conservation of the Near Threatened cave bat Natalus macrourus in Brazil. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Journal of Tropical EcologyCambridge, 7: Such a mismatch between these assessments, where species are considered nationally but not globally threatened, represents cases of globally common and stable species that are rather rare or declining at a local or regional level Brito et al.

The Mangrove in the east and north coast are also unexplored. The diet of bats from Southeastern Brazil: Descriptions of new bats of the genus Vampyrops.

In Mammals of South America. A task for two centuries? Phyllostomidae with description of a new species. Morcegoteca Although the recent increase of studies on bats in the state, future studies should complement conventional mistnetting with active roost search and bioacoustical records in ecologix to scologia better data for unraveling the bat fauna of Rio Grande do Norte. The specimen was identified as L.

Composition, microgeographic variation, and sexual dimorphism in Caatinga and Cerrado bat communities from Northeast Brazil. Geographic variation in the morphology, echolocation and diet of the little free-tailed bat, Chaerephon pumilus Molossidae. P EDRO et al. Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia, Ouro Preto, p.

Cecropiabirds and bats in French Guyana, dd. Parque Nacional da Furna Feia: Ecology of bat reproduction; pp. Frugivores and seed dispersal. The relationship between body size, diet, and habitats use in frugivorous bats, genus Carollia Phyllostomidae. TOP 10 Related.



Kajitilar On some rare Amazonian mammals from the collection of the Para Museum. The Atlantic Forest needs to be more sampled, including mangroves, coastal habitats and areas of Caatinga in the central region of the state Borborema highlandswhich are virtually unsurveyed. The Caatinga is a seasonally dry tropical forest composed by mosaics of xeric spiny shrub lands, columnar cacti, succulents, and deciduous woody forest stands arboreal caatingas Leal et al. Family Emballonuridae Gervais, Mammalian diversity and natural history, p. For instance, some of the new species records presented herein e. For instance, of these recently described species, Myotis lavali Moratelli et al. A colony of this species was recorded in the urban area of Lagoa Salgada, in the attic of a building.


Gugal Brazilian Journal of Biology 73 3: The bats of northeastern Brazil: Finally, bat inventories, including those for environmental impact studies, should complement conventional capture methods with bioacoustical monitoring and active searching of roost places to obtain a complete understanding of the bat fauna of Rio Grande do Norte. However, sympatry in certain areas of the Caatinga of L. The bat diversity in Brazil is still being discovered as recent taxonomic revisions of specimens in the biological collections have led to the description of new bat species. Universidade de Londrina, Londrina, p.

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