Set-up of construction sites, development and foundation of a construction, building of a single-skin structure, creation of reinforced concrete building components, slektrotechnik of wood constructions, coating and cladding of a structural member. Many diagrams, practical examples and explanations of constructional measuring processes help the reader in educational establishments and in the job. Building on basic knowledge of the English language, this textbook and workbook teaches technical English in fundamental and job-specific subjects. Chapters end with exercises and suggestions to review the successful completion of the learning unit.

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Sara German Bautechnik nach lernfeldern grundbildung civil engineering — Basics 2nd ed, pp, coloured, 17 x 24 cm, numerous illustr.

Suitable for training as Media Designer, for vocational colleges specialising in media technology, and for private study. Graded exercises and project- oriented tasks enable the student to gradually deepen his understanding of the whole subject. Introduction to the fields of learning as a thematics overview; Knowledge of the field of learning with technological, technical mathematical, graphical and safety technology contents; Special exercises as project tasks. But those studying for master or technician qualifications and university students also enjoy working with this reference work.

Textbooks for vocational training. Numerous practical drawings are included to promote quick and certain comprehension of the subject by continual practice in reading drawings. Purchasing, marketing, business success. Each teaching area starts with a customer assignment. Finally, it might also be of use to teachers in catering schools. It is a helpful aid to the student as an introduction to the fundamentals of manufacturing and materials technology.

It describes the techniques of surface modification and joining, the new generative manufacturing processes and applications of laser technology. With a solid foundation in natural sciences, the book explains all nutritional ingredients of food, their chemical properties, reactivity and functions in the human body.

German 4th ed, pp, approx. Czech, Greek, Russian A basic textbook for technical drawing for carpenters, furniture and interior designers, and for elektrotefhnik in the window and glass industries.

Individuals learning German in the metalworking and electrical professions. Nursery school teachers entwicklungspsychologie child Development Psychology 1st ed, pp, numerous illustrations, coloured, 17 x 24 cm, hardcover europa-No.

Enclosed is a CD with all illustrations and learning pictures. Catalogue — Europa Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This thoroughly revised and updated textbook is characterised by its understandable presentation with many pictures, examples and questions. The content of the four learning fields is represented using selected examples from practice: German technical english elektrltechnik engineering and construction 1st ed, pp, numerous illustrations, coloured, DIN A4, paper-bound europa-No.

Numerous concrete case studies as practical examples, didactically designed lehrmitteel units with exercises at the end of every chapter.

The ideal standard book for solving the problems and tasks involved in work planning, technology in practice and in the technology laboratory. The concept focuses on three different aspects: German Elektrotchnik textbook for training in the vocational field of construction works: It explains the elementary fundamentals of design for the creation of numerous media products, from simple graphic symbols all the way to complex corporate designs.

Fachkunde Modellbau Model construction Containing all required basics, job-specific elektroetchnik communication and advanced technology, this standard work is not only a course book for apprentices, but also a reference book for masters and technicians. The development of model designs is presented with practical examples from the idea to the finished fashion collection.

It introduces the required fundamentals of chemistry, physics and physiology. The textbook summarizes all basic and special knowledge in plastics engineering. The worksheets encompass maintenance and upkeep, assembly and installation, electricity and electronics, openand closed-loop control technology; testing and repair of the power supply and starting systems, testing and repair of the internal workings of the engine, diagnostics and repair of the engine management systems, as well as carrying out service and repair work on the emission control systems; maintenance of transmission, chassis and braking systems, retrofitting and initiation of auxiliary systems, testing and repair of networked systems, diagnosis and repair of coachwork, comfort and security systems.

It supports teaching in fields related to microbiology and biotechnology. Revision questions help to consolidate and check the knowledge gained. For all carpentry apprentices, students at technical colleges and colleges for master craftsmen as well as for practical application by foremen, master craftsmen, technicians and skilled tradesmen in their work. Conversions and Retrofits — Performing customer-driven conversions Solutions are available as well.

German This book contains the syllabus of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of vocational training of machining mechanics and lathe operators and provides knowledge about turning, milling and grinding as well as other machining processes. Text and exercise book for learning the fundamentals of chemistry and chemical technology at school or as part of basic vocational training.

Finally, a performance assessment system is presented, so that students can themselves assess the skills acquired. It contains the complete texts of the workbook plus the answers to fill in. These cover the commonest situations of hotel letter-writing, such as business letters, advertising, letters to guests including offers of accommodation and reservationletters to supplier companies enquiries, ordersthe planning of special events, exchange of letters with staff job applications.

The book also includes sections on making furniture, interior design work, house doors and windows, techniques for different surfaces and machine theory. The subjects of hair cutting, dyeing and shaping are all covered as well as care and cleaning of hair. All the necessary information on recipes and ingredients is included as well as a theoretical foundation in nutrition. The exercises at the end of each chapter test the success of the learning processand further expand upon it.

Czech, Greek 5th ed, pp, numerous colured illustrations, 17 x 24 cm, paper-bound europa-No. However, it is the DIN specification sheets themselves that are binding. Contains the 6 required subject fields for trainees in the vocational field of structural engineering. Sample answers for exercises requiring free formulation are listed in the annex of the solution guide.

German 2nd ed, pp, numerous illustrations, 2-colours, 17 x 24 cm, paper-bound europa-No. German Translations in preparation:.


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