Hide this Ad Report bad ads? So the Imaam rahimahullaah starts his text with the bismillaah and then follows it with the above verses. After that he clarifies who he is. But what is meant here is beginner.

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The great thing about these books is as though they have tried to deal with the problems of Kitaabul Asaasi and Madinah books though that was never the purpose of it! It covers alot of vocabulary and introduces the students to grammar later and gradually rather than pushing them at the deep end before they can swim.

However, much like Madinah books, it does not go into much depth and you will find that in majority cases that students who have completed all three books will move onto the third volume of Kitaabul Asaasi to reach a higher competency.

These books have advantages and disadvantages and each institute will have adopted certain books to use for various reasons. Which institute to go to will depend on what books you want to study. Do you want to know sufficient arabic to allow you to know the basic or do you want to master the arabic language?

However anything else is out of the window. This book is good for someone who knows arabic and wants to drill grammar properly but for the English beginner, it usually does not benefit them much. Having said that, you can study the Ajroomiyyah and still reach a good level but it will require you to learn other texts such as Alfiyyah Ibn Malik, Qadr An-Nada and so forth.

It is great for Nahw. However, much like Ajroomiyyah, your vocabulary will lack and you will need to study other texts to further your studies. It does not stand alone. Ajroomiyyah and Nahw Waadih are the skeleton, you need flesh and skin to adorn it with. The skeleton alone can not stand, though beneficial, alone it defeats its benefits.

However, brother ubaydullaah shared the following informations: Regarding the Ibn Saud Texts, The books are separated into 4 levels. If one was to complete all four levels, they would have a strong grasp on all subjects in Arabic.

There are numerous books out there that are speficially designed in teaching the arabic language. This article was merely a taster on the various arabic books that you may wish to study from. I hope this was of benefit and that you can take one step forward in fulfilling your dreams in studying the arabic language!

Wabillaahi tawfeeq.


Download Kitab Tuhfatul Athfal PDF Lengkap Syarah dan Terjemahannya



Download Kitab Tuhfatul Athfal PDF Lengkap Syarah dan Terjemahannya


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